Prince Syo is a VOCALOID developer who generally posts VOCALOID and UTAU covers and originals. He also has made UTAU reclists for English, Mandarin, and Korean. Anders was originally put into contact with Syo for his work with UTAU and knowledge on phonetics.

He worked on YOHIOloid as an assistant editor, and then worked independently on Ruby. During the development of Ruby, Syo considered approaching a different company or not releasing Ruby at all if the payment deal was not good enough.[1] Syo thought he would be paid via a royalties system, but he was offered a lump sum instead.[2] Syo commented that if 10 hours out of his school week was being dedicated to Ruby,[3] the amount of money he would have earn at minimum pay for the 17 months he had worked on her would equal to almost $5,000.[4] The payment that was offered was a quarter of that. He would only be given a bonus if Ruby sold well.[5][6] He expressed a wish to find a "real job" after Ruby was released.[7] Unless Ruby turned out to be amazing, he would likely not be involved much in future Vocaloid developments.[8] He also mentioned that the fact others will steal his work depressed him.[9]

He later posted a sample of a test Cantonese VOCALOID library based off of the UTAU Baak Yatchou.[10] He also posted a sample of a test Korean library he recorded.[11] He decided to record another Korean voicebank, but this time it would have extra phonemes for Chinese and English.[12]

STATUS:N/A → Present
Prince Syo
ASSOCIATIONS:Anders Södergren and Misha
URL(s)Channels: YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Niconico
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Fly Me to the Moon" (SeeU) (Jan.13.2013)
  2. "세계에 홀로남은 소녀" (OLIVER) (Jan.18.2013)
  3. "각개전투" (GUMI) (Jan.19.2013)
  4. "Here (In Your Arms)" (GUMI) (Jan.31.2013)
  5. "Sweet Escape" (GUMI & SeeU) (Feb.2.2013)
  6. "Antarctica" (SeeU) (Feb.17.2013)
  7. "Love you like a love song" (SeeU) (Feb.19.2013)
  8. "yobanashi deceive" (SeeU) (Feb.20.2013)
  9. "Leave In Summer, Yet You re In My Fluffoughts" (SeeU) (July.29.2013)
  10. "Part Of Me" (SeeU) (July.30.2013)
  11. "Applause" (SeeU) (Oct.28.2013)
  12. "Wrecking Ball" (MAIKA) (Feb.5.2014)
  13. "연꽃소녀 (Lotus Girl)" (SeeU) (Feb.13.2014)
  14. "La Camisa Negra" (SeeU) (May.11.2014)
  15. "싸움이별" (Antic-planet remix) (SeeU) (Aug.3.2014)
  16. "No Logic" (Korean cover) (SeeU) (Oct.9.2014)
  17. "All About that Bass" (SeeU) (Oct.28.2014)
  18. "月翅" (SeeU) (Dec.12.2014)
  19. "일요일" (SeeU) (Feb.6.2015)
  20. "Final Boss (Squid Sisters ver.)(シオカラ節)" (Ruby) (Oct.8.2015)


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