Project OverDoze
Members Steampianist, Tsus, Shius, st★rapture, .nova
Status Active
Circle's Links Channel: Youtube, Soundcloud,
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
Playlist Mylist
  1. "La Llorona" (MAIKA, GUMI, OLIVER) (Mar.21.2015)
  2. "Kaleidoscope Haze" (CYBER DIVA) (Aug.04.2015)
  3. "Mimicry" (Ruby) (Oct.30.15)
  4. "Synthetic Girl" (Miku) (Nov.30.15)
  5. "Kaleidoscope Haze - Chapter: Cold Rain" (AVANNA) (Dec.29.15)
  6. "Ten Thousand" (DEX) (Jan.15.16)
  7. "The Tattler's Tall Tale" (OLIVER, YOHIOloid) (Jan.28.16)
  8. "CHERISH" (Album Crossfade) (Feb.13.2016)
  9. "Roller Coaster" (CYBER DIVA) (Mar.31.2016)
  10. "Gentle Dreams" (OLIVER) (Jun.15.2016)
  11. "Stuck" (GUMI, AVANNA) (Sep.13.2016)
  12. "C'est Le Brate" (GUMI, Miku, Nana, Ryuto) (Feb.14.2017)
  13. "Sleeping Beauty" (Prima) (Mar.01.2017)
  14. "Netflix and Chill" (DAINA) (Jun.16.2017)
  15. "Let's Be Honest" (Miku, Luka) (Jun.30.2017)


Project OverDoze is a group consisting of Steampianist, Tsus, Shius, .nova, and st★rapture.

Member's ProfileEdit

Status Active
Page Link Steampianist
Short bio Steampianist is a producer who works on cover songs and originals using Vocaloid. The lyrics and PVs in the original songs are done by morbid-morsel. Steampianist was inspired to compose by Arjen Lucassen according to the comments left by Steampianist and as such, each of their original songs are designed to get progressive more chaotic in their instruments and lyrics.
Links Channel: NicoNico, Youtube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp</br>

Vocallective, Newgrounds, Twitter

Playlist (Not Available)
  1. "Still Doll Steampianist remix" (Cover/Arrange) (MAYU) (Song of Kanon Wakeshima) (Mar.11.2013)
  2. "Trick and Treat Steampianist remix" (Cover/Arrange) (MAYU, Mayuo) (Song of OSTER project) (May.31.2013)
  3. "Sally Song Steampianist remix" (Cover/Arrange) (MAYU) (Song of Danny Elfman) (May.31.2013)
  4. "The Logical Pink Gizmo and The Gingerbread Man" (OLIVER, GUMI) (Jul.22.2013)
  5. "The Logical Pink Gizmo and The Gingerbread Man (PV)" (OLIVER, GUMI) (Jul.28.2013)
  6. "Twaddles of a Flue Faker" (OLIVER) (Set.23.2013)
  7. "Carol of the Bells (Steam's Arr.)" (Cover/Arrange) (OLIVER) (Song of Mykola Leontovych) (Dez.23.2013)
  8. "Gröne Lunden (Steam's Arr.)" (Cover/Arrange) (OLIVER) (Song of Omnia) (Mar.06.2014)
  9. "The Umbrella Salesman" (OLIVER) (Apr.17.2014)
  10. "Dysmorphiac " (GUMI) (May.20.2014)
  11. "In Verbatim" (Sweet ANN, GUMI) (Set.28.2014)
  12. "Tendrils Of Tenebrae" (OLIVER) (Out.06.2014)
  13. "Secrets of Wysteria" (OLIVER) (Out.30.2014)
  14. "The Undertaker's Daughter" (OLIVER) (Dec.22.2014)
  15. "The Perfumer's Perfect Fumes" (OLIVER) (Jan.31.2015)
  16. "La Llorona" (MAIKA, OLIVER, GUMI) (Mar.21.2015)
  17. "100 Toshi no Kurayami no Naka de" (MAYU) (May.2.2015)
  18. "Kaleidoscope Haze" (CYBER DIVA) (Aug.4.2015)
  19. "Halloween Candy" (OLIVER) (Nov.1.2015)
  20. "Lowbrow Party" (OLIVER) (Dec.24.2015)
  21. "Roller Coaster" (CYBER DIVA) (Mar.31.2016)
  22. "Gentle Dreams" (OLIVER) (June.15.2016)
Status Active
Page Link N/A
Short bio Lyricist
Links YouTube
Playlist (Not Available)
  1. ”Dead Flower” (Mani Hatsu, Lily Append) (Jan.9.2013)
  2. ”Jazzy Girl” (Avanna) (Jul.16.2013)
  3. ”Shooting Star” (Avanna, OLIVER, Bruno, Clara, galaco) (Aug.20.2013)
  4. ”Para Ti” (MAIKA) (Mar.18.2014)
Status Active
Page Link N/A
Short bio Animator, Illustrator
Links YouTube DeviantArt Twitter Tumblr
Playlist Video works

Video Works:

  1. "Kaleidoscope Haze (Fanmade PV)" (Song by Project OverDoze) (Aug.16.2015)
  2. "Echo (Fanmade PV)" (Song by CIRCRUSH) (Sep.9.2015)
  3. "Jack the Ripper" (Song by Northern Cross) (Oct.26.2015)
  4. "Mimicry" (Song by Project OverDoze) (Oct.30.2015)
  5. "Colours Fading" (Song by Northern Cross) (Nov.7.2015)
  6. "Ten Faced -JubyPhonic ver- (Fanmade PV)" (Nov.24.2015)
  7. "Synthetic Girl" (Song by Project OverDoze) (Nov.30.2015)
  8. "Kaleidoscope Haze - Chapter: Cold Rain" (Song by Project OverDoze) (Dec.29.2015)
  9. "COSMONAUTS" (Song by YZYX) (Jan.6.2016)
  10. "The Tattler's Tall Tale" (Song by Project OverDoze) (Jan.28.2016)
  11. "PONY" (Song by Creep-P) (Jan.30.2016)
  12. "Dear" (Song by vio☆) (Feb.15.2016)
Status Active
Page Link Shius
Short bio Translator
Links Channel: YouTube, Soundcloud
Tumblr, DeviantArt
Playlist (Not Available)
  1. "Heartbroken Summit (Fanmade PV)" (Miku) (Song of DECO*27) (Ago.17.12)
  2. "Other Side (Fanmade PV)" (OLIVER) (Song of corasundae) (Out.13.12)
  3. "Where Have You Been (Fanmade PV)" (OLIVER) (Song of AdyS) (May.31.13)
  4. "Dummy March (Fanmade PV)" (OLIVER, Len) (Song of momocashew) (Feb.24.14)
  5. "Face Less (Fanmade PV)" (YOHIOloid) (Song of ghostie) (Jul.26.14)
  6. "The Retro (Preview)" (YOHIOloid) (Feb.16.15)
  7. "100 Nen no Kurayami no Naka de" (MAYU) (Illust/ Steampianist) (May.01.15)
  8. "-Breathing-" (OLIVER) (Ago.15.15)
  9. "Memories" (v4 flower) (Jan.17.16)
  10. "Roller Coaster" (CYBER DIVA) (Mar.31.3016)
  11. "Gentle Dreams" (OLIVER) (June.15.2016)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

La Llorona

Uploaded 2015.03.21 Featuring MAIKA ft. GUMI English, OLIVER
Music Steampianist (music, tuning), Tsus (tuning) Main article La Llorona
Lyrics Tsus
Video MiMa (video)

Kaleidoscope Haze

Uploaded 2015.08.04 Featuring CYBER DIVA
Music Tsus (music), Steampianist (arrangement, mastering) Main article Kaleidoscope Haze
Lyrics Tsus
Video morbid-morsel (walk cycle animation), Shius (video)


Uploaded 2015.10.30 Featuring Ruby
Music Steampianist (music), Tsus (tuning) Main article Mimicry
Lyrics Tsus (lyrics), Shius (translation)
Video .nova (illust), .nova (video)

Ten Thousand

Uploaded 2016.01.15 Featuring DEX
Music Steampianist (music), Tsus (tuning) Main article Ten Thousand
Lyrics Tsus (lyrics), Shius (translation)
Video st★rapture (illust), Shius (video)

The Tattler's Tall Tale

Uploaded 2016.01.28 Featuring OLIVER, YOHIOloid
Music Steampianist (music, tuning), Tsutauseries (tuning) Main article The Tattler's Tall Tale
Lyrics TSutauseries (lyrics), Shius (translation)
Video .nova (illust), .nova (video)

Roller Coaster

Uploaded 2016.03.31 Featuring CYBER DIVA
Music Steampianist (music), Tsutauseries (tuning) Main article Roller Coaster
Lyrics Tsutauseries (lyrics), Shius (translation)
Video .nova

Gentle Dreams

Uploaded 2016.06.15 Featuring OLIVER
Music Steampianist Main article Gentle Dreams
Lyrics Tsutauseries
Video Shius
This song was originally sung by MIRIAM for the album Cherish.


Cherish album
Title Cherish    
Producer Project OverDoze  
Release Date February 14, 2016  

Compilation AlbumsEdit

  • Pack and Pride -Released: January 02, 2016
    (Song(s) featured: Lost and Proud, Milk Boned)

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