Song title
Uploaded January 6, 2008, with 398,000+ views
Kagamine Rin and Hatsune Miku
samfree (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast


samfree's 6th song. It has entered the Hall of Fame.

"Promise" is featured on samfree's album Daybreak and the compilation album 初音ミク: Project DIVA 2nd - NONSTOP MIX COLLECTION. A remix by kz is featured on samfree's album Missing, and another remix (in the Eurobeat style of the Night Series) is located on samfree's album Fever.


Singer Color
Rin Goldenrod
Miku Light Blue
Both Black


Len's Arrange Cover
Featuring Kagamine Len
Author(s) Shotaeroid-P (Cielo-P)
Category VOCALOID cover, remix
noka's PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin & Hatsune Miku
Author(s) noka
Category Fanmade PV

Other media appearancesEdit

This song was featured in the following concerts.

Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Dreamy Theater 2nd YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade
Miku Flick/02 YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd


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