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  • "PuppyCat's Fairy Tale"
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  • Baths (music, lyrics)
    Cartoon Hangover (animation)


Featured in "Bee and PuppyCat Part 2", the song was reluctantly sung by PuppyCat, to Wallace (a fish), since the latter asked for a story.

PuppyCat sings phonetically, so there are no official lyrics of the gibberish, only a subtitled version of what he is singing.


Once upon a time...
there was a space outlaw
who fell in love with the Space King's daughter
and they both agreed they were meant to be together.

The princess decided to run away with him,
and they planned to meet
at their favorite meadow before they escaped.

But it was a trap.
The princess had lied, and the outlaw
was surrounded by the King's army of warlocks.

Filled with anger at her betrayal,
the magic that was meant to capture the outlaw
instead transformed him into a monster,
and he escaped...


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