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Uploaded June 18, 2016, with 23,400+ YouTube views and 11,600+ SoundCloud views


Yoppy's first original is 50% venting and 50% pure shit
— Author's comment

Yoppy-VU's first original song featuring the VOCALOID4 DEX. According to the YouTube description, the song is very personal to him and he had to rewrite it a few times to keep the song vague so he won't give away too much on what had happened to him.

Succeeding versionsEdit

OneThoughtRemains remix
Featuring GUMI (English) & MEIKO (English)
Author(s) OneThoughtRemains
Category Remix
Ghost's parody
Author(s) Ghost
Category Parody


Oh, I see your life is wonderful without me
And your smile is more joyful I can't forget, no I can't
Never once the thought did cross that you would leave me this way
Now I'm locked in this hellish cell where I'm bound to stay

I guess I'm the culprit of destroying the world
And damning every soul with my unrequested presence
Suppose I could undo every mistake I've made
You know the only way's by erasing all that's surrounding me

Pride has dissipated
From the mess created
Out of selfish choices
That I made and now I'm sorry

I guess I'm the culprit of corrupting your life
And breaking your poor heart with my unrequested presence
Suppose you could undo every mistake I've made
I know the only way's by erasing my face from this planet
Erase me from this planet


  • The song was originally composed in PxTone.
  • The name of the character in the PV is Zachary Combs
  • This song is the first in a series of songs

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