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  • "Raindrops"
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Your voice whispering soundlessly
There is only silence for me now
All of the raindrops falling down
Leave no more feelings on my skin

Nothing can stop the fall in the end
When you walk away now
you will get another chance
In this moment right now
You have to be stronger

Don't let go
Your heart is still beating painfully
"I'll be here"
The lie you know so well
Piercing through that heart again
drenching you in red
Scratching the old wounds again
Let me slip away

The scarf that you once gave to me
Was blown away by the wind
The last trace of gentleness
Was stolen from my icy hands
Nothing could save somehow this lone self
When you forget me now
there will be laughter again
In time from now on
You have to be stronger

Don't look back
This good may be forever
But even so
You try to find the way
Struggling through everyday
thoughts clouding you mind
Living in the past days...

♬ ♬

Always, we think we are safe from harm
Until we hit the ground,
forcing us to realize
For my epilogue now
I have to be stronger

All alone
I try to ease you pain over and again
No longer
I can wipe your tears away
All the time
We spent smiling together
Burned into your memories
Burning through our memories

I'll let go

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