This is an article about the Rana software for the VOCALOID3 engine.


On July 31, 2014, We've Inc. created an official twitter account for Rana and revealed her existence to the public through her official websites.

It was later revealed that she would only be purchasable via a magazine called Vocalo-P ni Naritai (ボカロPになりたい!), though the company was considering more options in the future.[1]

On August 12, her first demo was released and was produced by monaca@10日P (monaca:factory).

In September, it was explained that in order to get a non-expiring Rana copy, you must collect all 30 tickets from each issue of the magazine. The tickets would not be accepted if the person mailing them in does not live in Japan.[2]  This made obtaining the full version of Rana difficult, but not impossible for an overseas user as one only needed an Japanese address to get the copy.[3]  The company explained that this was because they could not conduct their business overseas, but hoped that Rana would debut outside of Japan in the future and still appreciated the support from overseas fans.[4]

Product InformationEdit



にじいろモンスター (Nijiiro Monster) Short.ver Niconico YouTube (Full ver.)
素敵な魔法の799 (Suteki na Mahou no 799) Niconico YouTube
流線クライズ (Ryūsen Cries) Niconico YouTube
Radiance of Nature Niconico YouTube
ハート♥ブレイク (Heart♥Break) Niconico YouTube
ハシらなキャ! (Hashi-Rana-kya!) Niconico YouTube



Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Tempo: 85~145BPM  Range: G#2~F4
Package details
Rana is designed to primarily act as a beginner VOCALOID, and is supposed to be easy to use. It was explained that in order to get a non-expiring copy of Rana, you must buy all 30 issues of Vocalo-P ni Naritai to get all 30 tickets and send them in.[5] However, WEVE, Inc currently cannot accept tickets from overseas.
Vocal traits as noted:
  • Has a tomboyish sounding vocal with some unique traits about it.
    • Voice is most efficient for Rock and Blues styles.
Software issues as noted:
  • This VOCALOID offer is not available for overseas VOCALOID users currently.[6] The tickets supplied for Rana will not work if overseas try and register them to get Rana. The company has explained this is because Rana is aimed at a Japanese target audience only.[7] The tickets can be registered either by the user or someone else on the user's behalf, who has access to a Japanese address.[8]
Voicebank sample


Rana V3


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