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This is an article about the Rana V4 software for the VOCALOID4 engine.


On January 26, 2015, in response to a tweet, We've Inc. said that a V4 update for Rana is in consideration.[1]

Later, on September 8, 2015, Rana was confirmed to have a VOCALOID4 update in the works.[2] It was announced on the NET VOCALOID Site that Rana's V4 will be released sometime in December 2015.[3]

At THE VOC@LOID M@STER 33, the first 100 visitors to the "Rana Experience" booth would have a chance to get Rana V4 early. It was also mentioned that there would be a discount for customers who purchased all 30 of the magazines that corresponded with her VOCALOID3 voicebank.[4][5]

It was revealed after the event that she would go on sale December 1, 2015.[6]

On November 14, 2015, pictures of her MMD models and Rana's VOCALOID4 design were revealed.[7]

Product InformationEdit



クリアランスセール・ファイター (Clearance Sale Fighter) YouTube



Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Tempo: 85 ~ 145 BPM  Range: G # 2 ~ F4
  Trial/Demo Vers?: No  Starter Available?: No  App vers.?: Yes
Package details
The VOCALOID4 version of the original Rana vocal. Users can get a upgrade if they have all 30 tickets from the previous VOCALOID3 version registered from the Vocalo-P ni Naritai magazine. This is a cheaper method of obtaining the voice. In addition, more producers can now access her voice, both on a local Japanese scale and a world wide audience.
Vocal traits as noted:
  • GWL capabilities added.
  • Other than GWL, the voice is identical to the VOCALOID3 version and no adjustments have been made to it.
Software issues as noted:
  • Due to the fact that the only way to redeem the magazine's tickets is by mailing them from a Japanese mailing address, the upgrade offer is mostly limited to Japanese consumers.
Voicebank sample




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