Re:Dial is kz(livetune)'s third album. It contains 15 tracks, all sung by Hatsune Miku. Both a regular and limited version was released. Track 15 is sung by the beta version of English Miku, tuned by Circus-P.

The limited version contains a bonus DVD with music videos of "Tell Your World", "Fly Out", "Weekender Girl" and "Last Night, Good Night". It peaked at 12th position on the Oricon charts.

A trailer for the album can be heard on YouTube.
The album is purchasable on Amazon (Regular/Limited) and CDJapan (Regular/Limited).

Re Dial - album illust
Released March 20, 2013
Producer kz(livetune)
Price ¥2,500 (regular)
¥3,500 (limited)
Illust. mebae
Track list
1. Redial
Hatsune Miku
2. Tell Your World
Hatsune Miku
3. Packaged
Hatsune Miku
4. ファインダー
Hatsune Miku
5. Light Song
Hatsune Miku
6. ストロボナイツ
Strobo Nights
Hatsune Miku
7. Yellow (Re:Dialed)
Hatsune Miku
8. Magnetic
Hatsune Miku
9. Fly Out
Hatsune Miku
10. Weekender Girl
Hatsune Miku
11. Heart Beat
Hatsune Miku
12. D.E.N.P.A. (Re:edit)
Hatsune Miku
13. our music (kz's The Beginning of The End remix)
Hatsune Miku
14. Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed)
Hatsune Miku
15. Tell Your World -English Version-
Hatsune Miku English
Re Dial - album illust
Tell Your World -English Version-

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