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This collab has been in the works for quite a while now! Move-Forward has been awesome to work with and here we have the final result~

We both spent quite a bit of time fine-tuning every element of this so that it was the best we could make. I think we both learned quite a lot!

Move did the fabulous Luka tuning and wrote the majority of the lyrics, Melon created this great art, and I made the electro beat and chord progressions. All together I think it turned out pretty nice! We really hope you enjoy it~

— OneThoughtRemains


Could you please do change my hue
From an orange to blue
Or make the color light instead?
Maybe purple to yellow
'Cause it's hard to say "hello"
The word always stays inside my head

Open up my eyes and
Close up my mind
I don't want these thoughts,
not anymore
Could someone flip a switch
and please press rewind?
Press it when I say "four"
Everyday I'm enclosed
Shut it up and lock it
I'll never go through the door
When I do open it
The key's in my pocket
But first I need change in
one, two, three, four

There's no denying
Inside I'm dying
Just a bit quiet
Now, I've gone silent
Open my mouth with the key that's hidden
It falls from my grip when I try
Please, come save me
You do not help with what you have given
Your words cannot aid me, you fool
They can't save me

I want to change from night
Into something that's bright
I want to be like the sky
But I can't have my way
What else can I say?
All I can do is just cry

Rinse and wash, then repeat
The same thing each time
Could you please change me?
When I say so
Is all this meaningless?
Will this even change me?
As soon as I say "go"
Make me a new being
To a whole new creature
Transform me to high from low
You may tell me to first
"Wait, and just make sure"
I know what I'm doing!
One, two, three, go

You know life is so unfair
I did not choose to be this way
But I thank you for your care
I realize that I'm okay
The key has opened something new
And yet it's always been mine
Though my words will always be few
I've discovered I'll be fine

I lied, I will be alright!
Now, I see this is my fight
I was wrong about you
The words you said were true
You lied, or so I thought
Your words escaped this head of mine
Your truth I never caught,
But I see I'm okay
Nothing stands in my way
I know I'll be--
I'll be just fine

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