Recursive Call is OSTER project's 10th album. It contains 12 tracks, mostly instrumental with a few songs featuring YURiCa and Tokiwa Yuu. It contains classic songs from OSTER project's earlier works such as "demon fire" and also "Violet Rose", a sequel to an earlier OSTER project song released in 2006 on her muzie page called "Blue Rose". "Recursive Call" is OSTER project's second instrumental album and "Miracle Paint (PSB REMIX)" actually appeared in OSTER project's first album, Miku no Kanzume.

A crossfade of the album can be heard on Youtube.

The official album website is available here.

The limited edition album is purchasable on Amazon.

NOTE: None of the songs in the album are sung by Vocaloids, the album is here for information regarding OSTER project's works and to keep up to date with the album numbers. Sorry for any misunderstandings.

Recursive Call - album illust
Released December 16, 2015
Producer OSTER project
Price ¥2,376
Illust. MAYA
Label Subcul-rise Record
Track list
1. Recursive Call
2. Oriental Inspiration
3. 1h Lover
4. シチリアの太陽
Sicilia no Taiyou
5. Schwarze Katze Jazz
6. 麦藁帽子
Mugiwara Boushi
7. Violet Rose
8. ナナイロパンダ
Nanairo Panda
9. piano×forte(long ver.)
Piano × Forte × Scandal(long ver.)
10. ラブラドライト
Tokiwa Yuu
11. demon fire
12. ミラクルペイント (PSB REMIX)
Miracle Paint (PSB REMIX)
Hatsune Miku
Attractive museum - album illust
Attractive Museum
キャンディージャーの地平面 - album illust