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Reflection ft Avanna
Song title
Uploaded Jun 1, 2013 (YT/SC) Jun 3rd on (NN), with 220+ (NN) 400+ (YT) 180+ (SC) views
Cepheid (music, lyrics)
SamanthaElizabeth (illust)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast
SoundCloud Broadcast

Succeeding versionsEdit

Reflection (Re-Original)
Featuring GUMI
Author(s) Cepheid (producer), PastelCake (illust)
Category Remastered


Do I look dead?
Do you see my reflection?
I can't be loved
No one shows me affection

Another day has passed
Trapped in me fantasy
Will someone break me out?
Do I look dead?

I am gone to everyone
Too invisible,
Yet too keen to miss
I have been asleep
For far to long
Will someone wake me?

What if I,
End it,
Right here?
Right now?

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