Resin and Garage Kits are kits made by artisans using Resin. They are usually made by amateur artisans, although some may later make become official models later. Resin Kits are often produced in limited numbers and are sometimes event exclusives only. They usually (but not always) come with instructions and often appear at events such as Wonderfest.

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• Acetone (アセトン) • α-cubic • Ambivalent • ATELIER HIRO • Biifuru • BONknife • Bubba • Cobra-Kai • Coneckers • DAVYACE

A-E Notes

  • DAVYACE is a company from Taiwan, their models are realistic looking and high in detail, they do not produce models in the typical manga-esque style one would expect. Their figurines normally can have clothing removed to reveal a nude body, therefore many of their models carry a maturity warning. forum topic on their kits


• figureneet • GS Project • Hobby Max • Honeycomb • Ishii Komasuke • IWGK • Jamming Off


• Kuroi Hitsuji (黒い羊) • Mine • Mouse Unit • Mr Suprise (MR. サプライズ) • Mugenkyou • Naitou Seisakujo • Output


• Panpan-Tei • Polygonia • Replyfrom • RINGO • Shokubutsu Shoujoen • Sanrin Kougyo • Silent Minority • Takemitsudou • Tick Tack Rabbit • Tora brindle (とらbrindle) • Twins

P-T Notes

  • Ishinaga Sakurako who made the "Love is War" model later went onto making both the standard and DX "Love is War" figurines for the Good Smile company.
  • とらbrindle produces its own resin kits, as well as specialises in remodelling other models such as Figmas into new and unique models.


• Works Sapporo • Yukishiro


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