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  • "Respire"
Uploaded August 25, 2015, with 10,000+ SoundCloud views


"Respire" is a demo song for Dex. A small portion of the song was revealed for the Dex and Daina Premiere stream along with "Fade", "Pushing Daisies", and "A Wicked Girl and a Tin Boy".


Please don't leave
Let me feel you breathe through me
Is eternity much farther away than this?

Please don't go
The way you make me feel; you know,
it's something in the breeze that drives me towards your kiss.

So, would you take my breath away?
So, could I take your breath away?

Clear to see;
that I hold you dear to me.
There isn't much to fear when I'm this close to you

Wait for me
I want to runaway, you see
It could be you and me... so where are we going to?

Oh, it should take our breath away...
So, could you take my breath away?

I know you must have

So much to say
But how 'bout we just respire
till we get tired of this

And then maybe kiss
It's a hit or miss
and I want nothing but this

And I'm afraid to die
So please, could we just respire
till my mind comes off of it?

Distract me with your gaze
until my fears all fade away

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