Reverberations 2 is an album by Clean Tears, and is the sequel to a previous album of his, Reverberations. It consists of 9 trance genre songs which feature the vocals of Hatsune Miku as well as IA. There is a track listing on the official website and there are crossfades on SoundCloud, Niconico, and YouTube. This album can be digitally purchased from iTunes.

Reverberations 2
Released August 16, 2015
Producer Clean Tears
Price ¥1,000 (varies)
Illust. tak, Rokuwata Tomoe
Label S.C.X
Track list
1. intro -Reverberations 2
Clean Tears
2. Dependence
Clean Tears feat. 初音ミク V3 (Soft)
3. Time and space
Clean Tears feat. 初音ミク V3
4. Vagueness
Clean Tears feat. 初音ミク V3
5. Glisten
Clean Tears
6. Abandonment
Clean Tears feat. 初音ミク V3
7. Tranquilizer
Clean Tears feat. 初音ミク V3 (Solid)
8. Thawing
Clean Tears feat. 初音ミク V3
9. Horizontal Line
Clean Tears feat. IA
Sound Collection - New Original
Sound Collection - New Original

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