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Image of "RiGGED DiCE"
Song title
  • "RiGGED DiCE"
Uploaded May 8, 2015, with 10+ YouTube views
  • Kota Cantus


"RiGGED DiCE" is an original Sweet ANN song.


Is this just a game? Well, I don't even know.
Now without your, light i don't know where to go.
Am I left to die, alone and in the cold?
"No one really cares" Well, that's what I've always been told.

Life is just a game. I won't play by the rules.
You have rigged the dice, and I was just a tool.
You don't understand how much you've stabbed my back
I won't let you try to march with your attack

Now you think you've won. You think you're #1
But I have to say, this game has just begun!
I don't give a damn, I will not just abide.
Because you have been a thorn stuck in my side.

Life is just a game and you have rigged the dice
I don't really care if I'm not playing nice.
Now I reign supreme and you have lost the game.
I've destroyed your life, but still you are to blame

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