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Rin Supplement Time

Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro (鈴が歌う、未来の音色― Also known as "The Bells Sing The Future's Timbre") is a visual novel game written by Supplement Time. Its release date was September 16, 2008 and its download date was April 4, 2008. The game follows the daily lives of the user (Later to be revealed, Kagamine Len) and Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. It's prequel is Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni and the third game by Supplement Time would be featuring Luka.

Story IntroductionEdit

For whose sake does she sing?
Just, thinking only of singing, they'd come to find out.
But, it was a cruel, harsh reality that had been waiting before them.
He, nonetheless, seeks out music. She chooses to sing.
The melody resonating in their hearts. Only for the sake of that.

The seasons flow, winter into spring --
The girl who continues to sing and the boy always beside her, and the story afterward.
A desire to want to get it all through the viewfinder.


Rin's SideEdit

The story takes place in summer, and you play as a boy, who dreams to be a song writer. He kept on telling himself that there was something missing, he just didn't feel so satisfied about the music he makes.

Once you arrive home one day, you found a girl (Rin) sleeping in your bed. Later on you found out that the girl is actually a 'Vocaloid', an android used especially for singing. You were about to kick her out when she begged for you to make a song for her. Thanks to her innocent-look and not wanting her to cry, you decided to agree, and Rin will leave once the song is finished.

Rin, without your permission, entered you in a song competition. You were angry at first, but they already registered. At first Rin wanted to sing a rock and roll song, but you said you wanted to do a song about summer. Rin was fine as long as it has the color yellow in the lyrics.

You worked hard on the song, and you get to know Rin along the way, like Rin's obsession towards the color yellow. As time passes, Rin had forgotten to ask for your name, so you answered that your name is Len.

As time passes, you begin to feel emotions to Len, and even got a little 'jealous' over a pizza delivering man. The song was near to a completion, and you ask Rin to sing it. The song that Len 'made' was Dog Day Afternoon , by Lamune-P.

Even though Rin said she liked it, she thought something was missing, and so she asked Len to sing along with him. You then realize how horrible you are in singing, but Rin had another idea. She decided to sing in a boy's voice and asked Len to combine her 'girl' voice and her 'boy' voice. And they both admitted it sounded nice.

Things were going nicely, until Miku came in the picture. She said she came to retrieve Rin, because she ran away from the shop. Rin didn't want to go back because she couldn't sing what she wanted to sing in the shop. Len wanted to buy her but Rin was custom-made, much better than the other Vocaloids in the shop.

Rin had caused many trouble, and so Miku said Rin had to be re-installed. Meaning, her memories after her activation will be erased. So Len asked Miku one more day, because the singing competition was the next day. Miku agreed, and Rin and Len practiced the song one more time.

The next day, Rin left a letter saying she never felt so happy to be with Len and sorry for the trouble. She left to the shop already, and Len chased after her. Len decided to sing the song, hoping Rin wasn't re-installed yet, ignoring the fact that he had a 'terrible' voice.

Miku and Rin then came out, and she announced that her installation was complete, however Rin's memories was still there, she still remembered who Len was. It turns out that Miku was just testing Len whether he really cares for Rin or not, the installation was actually Act 2, so that Rin could sing better than before.

In the end, Rin spent his days with Len, and complained how they couldn't enter the competition. Thanks to Len, who sang the song out loud, they were disqualified. But she said it was okay, since they were about to enter another competition.

Miku's SideEdit

It is a continuation of the previous visual novel, right after Miku's big concert, you and Miku worked on a mini album. Miku complained how you kept on playing with your camera and how it looks like you don't take the album seriously.

After getting pound by Miku several times, you passed out. Afterwards, you woke up hearing Miku talking to herself how even though on the outside it looks like Miku finds you annoying, Miku actually loves the songs you wrote.

You pretend not to hear, so then you decided to pick the songs for the album.

In the end you took a picture of Miku for the front cover of the album, the end.

(It should be noted that the Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro focuses more on Rin than Miku.)

Product Information / Operational RequirementsEdit

Work Number: RE042095

File / SizeL: / 518.26MB(543435400Byte)

CPU: Celeron 566MHz or greater

Memory: 256MB or greater

HDD: 550MB or greater

Video: 800×600 High Color

DirectX: Ver.3.0 or later

Others: Direct Sound

Note: Please change your system local to Japanese in order to install the game. The installer will not start if your system local is not in Japanese.


  • Rin loves the color yellow, very much.
  • The track used for this is 'Dog Day Afternoon ' by Lamune-P
  • Rin requested something yellow in the lyrics of the song, and in the song 'Dog Day Afternoon ', the lyrics said something about yellow 'sunflowers'.
  • It's stated that Miku and Rin are 'sisters'. (It should be noted that the Miku in Rin's side and the Miku in Miku's side are two different people)


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