"Rinpact!" is a compilation of album of a number of producers, such as samfree, Hikari Shuuyou, Kagome-P, and more; also a number of well known illustrators, such as Glider, Nagimiso.SYS, NEGI, Hiro Tamura, and more. The CD/DVD album comes with a 24 pages full color booklet.

Released August 13th 2011
Producer Various
Price 2,000 yen
Illust. NEGI
Track list
1. 侵略
Kagamine Rin (Music: samfree Illust: NEGI)
2. 運命サイダー
Cider Fate
Kagamine Rin (Music: Hikari Shuuyou Illust: NEGI)
3. アルパカ
Kagamine Rin (Music: haruna808 Illust: miro)
4. スリーディーロック
Three D Lock
Kagamine Rin (Music, Illust: Captain Mirai)
5. ハイファイガールHD
Hi-Fi Girl HD
Kagamine Rin (Music: Kagome-P Illust: Nagimiso.SYS)
6. Endroll A
Kagamine Rin (Music: Yuuyu-P Illust: NEGI)
7. _floating_on
Kagamine Rin (Music: Hazy-P Illust: Hansi)
8. Epilogue for Prologue
Kagamine Rin (Music: Geru Illust: Glider)
9. Life Judge Dice
Kagamine Rin (Music: Kona Illust: NEGI)

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