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Riotmos-P specializes in MikuMikuDance video productions. The producer uses a variety of MMD models and has several works with over 100,000 views.
STATUS:August 2009 → Assumed active
URL(s)Channel: Youtube, NicoNico

Gallery: deviantArt Social Media: Twitter

WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "[MMD Scene 1] - Len Just Wants To Play" (Aug.26.2009)
  2. "[MMD Scene 2] - Megaman still can't beat Airman" (Aug.27.2009)
  3. "[MMD Scene Special 1] - Aug 31 Surprise!" (Aug.31.2009)
  4. "[MMD Scene 3] - Nyan Nyan Tsukasa" (Sep.03.2009)
  5. "[MMD Scene 4] - Miku's Lovin It" (Sep.23.2009)
  6. "[MMD Scene Test] - Walk Cycle Motion Data Test" (Sep.25.2009)
  7. "[MMD Scene 5] - Bus Stop Ran Ran Ru" (Oct.05.2009)
  8. "[MMD Scene 6] - Fight Ippatsu! Len-san!! ED" (Oct.14.2009)
  9. "[MMD Scene 7] - Great Vocaloid Akaito - GTO Op 2" (Nov.03.2009)
  10. "[MMD Scene 8] - Fusion Sparking!" (Dec.08.2009)
  11. "[MMD Scene Test] - Quality, Filters, Framerate" (Dec.17.2009)
  12. "[MMD CUP 4][Preliminary] - Brave New MMD World" (Jan.22.2010)
  13. "[MMD CUP 4][Final] - Brave New MMD World" (Feb.14.2010)

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