Riotto-P (りおっとP) also known as riotoqll is a Japanese illustrator who has made many hand-drawn MADs. Her most notable work, a MAD of the popular internet meme Danjo involving several VOCALOID characters, has received over 2,000,000 views on Nico Nico.
STATUS:January 2008 → Active
OFFICIAL:Website: riotoqll, Link Portal

Blog: Personal, Production

URL(s)Channel: Nico Nico, YouTube

Social Media: Twitter Gallery: Pixiv, DeviantArt, Privatter

PLAYLIST(s):Nico Nico Playlist
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Danjo by Kaito and Len" (Jan.09.2008)
  2. "Danjo Ahonoko MashiMashi Kairyou ver." (Jan.21.2008)
  3. "Aimai Net Darling (PV)" (from "Lucky ☆ Channel") (Jul.19.2008)
  4. "YMCA de Fever Fever" (Toho) (Oct.25.2008)
  5. "Animation of Luka Having Meal" (Jan.12.2009)
  6. "Kasane territory (PV)" (Feb.15.2009)
  7. "Albelt CM" (Mar.20.2009)
  8. "Voc@m@s Theater" (Apr.23.2009)
  9. "Kenketsu no Uta 655 ver. (PV)" (Jan.09.2010)

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