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Clockwork NightmaresOLIVER
Song title
"SHaDoW PeoPLe"
Uploaded October 31, 2014
ClockworkSinger (music)
Raxi (illust)


SHaDoW PeoPLe is an original song sung by OLIVER and KAITO by ClockworkSinger. This song is an album exclusive song featured in the album Clockwork Nightmare, it is the forth track.


Shifting through the darkness
I can feel some pressure
What is there? Who is there?
I don't understand?

Looking out right at you
But you do not see me
I am here! I am here!
Don't you understand?

Where are you? (Be afraid)
What are you? (Harbinger)
A shadow? (Your demise!)
A dream or a nightmare?
I don't know (I miss home)
I can't see (Want freedom)
But you're here (You feel fear)
That I can tell!

My chest is now seizing
I can't hear my breathing
Who are you? What are you?
I am so afraid!

Raven, coal, and sable
I'm under the table
Just look down, look at me
You can see my eyes

What are you? (I am here.)
I am scared (You should be!)
Please help me! (Coming near.)
Run so far away!
You follow (I'll catch up)
Leave me be! (Cry harder!)
You monster! (Yes, panic!)
I can't escape!


Finally I am free
Although I am not me
I can breathe, I can live
I am now human!

I am suff'ring greatly
What have I become now?
I'm formless, intangible
Why did you chose me?

Lucid dreams (I am scared)
Night terrors (What am I?)
Paralyzed (So alone)
That is how they hunt
I am free (Please help me!)
Flesh and blood (I'm afraid!)
Once again (A demon)
No longer cursed!

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