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Uploaded August 16, 2013, with 194,000+ Niconico views


niki's first work to use AVANNA, it quickly rose to the top of the VOCALOID ranking and is by far the most popular song on Niconico featuring AVANNA.


"I'm here" Hearing this, I awake
In a quiet world

The me of yesterday swayed by the wind
is like a fleeting flower I once saw
Again I will be born and vanish here
so no one will notice me

"Can you forget everything that you know?"
When you make memories so easily
why do we refuse to forget it all?
Why do we end up in tears?
Why are you crying now?

Again, I ask, quietly,
"Will you believe the me that's here?"
Again, I try, quietly, to connect with someone—

"So please don't release this hand."
—before my heart vanished
I always felt it.
The world must be cruel.
When the scenery I see has become broken

Again the solitary world lives.
"Can you remake everything that once was?"
Such things are so easy to destroy,
searching for an answer in my heart?

If this moment lasted forever
If you could choose your future this time
What voice will you be willing to give up?
then and there I close my eyes.
I'm just breathing now.

and I remember the words
"Smiling is all you can do"
Dissolve into all the colors you see
Freedom that lies in this hand
The world shouldn't be like this,
that's what I thought
I realize the truth now.
but There is no one. I know no one.

What is freedom?
What is love?
Let us just forget now.
Don't make any sound
Don't think about it
Someday if I can be reborn
Come on, let us do everything over.

"Will you believe the me that's here?"
Eternity, please disappear.
Goodbye me of tomorrow.
The source of the tears
that silently fell down.

Again, I ask, quietly,
"Will you believe the me that's here?"
Again, I try, quietly, to connect with someone—


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