"SOCIAL PARANOIA" is L-tone's first album. It contains 2 disks, each with twelve tracks and features only Kagamine Rin and Len, except for track nine on disk one, sung by Lily. Track one on disk one, and tracks four, five, and six (sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen) on disk two are new.

Released 06.12.2011
Producer L-tone
Price ¥500
Label Sokubai
Track list
1. star tone
Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len
2. チェイン・トリガー 
Chein Torigā / Trigger Chain
Kagamine Len Append
3. 秒針シグナル
Byōshin Shigunaru / Second-Hand Signal
Kagamine Rin Append
4. 45
Kagamine Rin
5. ソーシャルパラノイア
Social Paranoia
Kagamine Rin Append
6. Irrationality
Kagamine Rin
7. シンクロニシティ
Kagamine Rin
8. くたばれ悲劇の14歳
Kutabare Higeki no 14-Sai / The Tragedy of the 14-Year-Old Drop Dead
Kagamine Rin
9. 宛先のない人形 
Atesaki no Nai Ningyō / Doll Without a Destination
10. 灰色ジョーカー
Haiiro Jōkā / Gray Joker
Kagamine Len
11. ドラッグラックショーケース 
Drug Rack Showcase
Kagamine Rin
12. 神様に終止符を
Kamisama ni Shūshifu o / An End to God
Kagamine Len Append
13. epilouge
Kagamine Rin Append
14. 摩天楼 
Matenrō / Skyscraper
Kagamine Len Append
15. 空想レイテンシー
Kūsō Reitenshī / Latency Fancy
Kagamine Rin Append
16. 崩れ落ちる庭 
Kuzureochiru Niwa / The Crumbling Garden
Kagamine Rin Append
17. 閉じた世界
Tojita Sekai / Closed World
Kagamine Len Append
18. 砕け散る先に
Kudake Chiru Saki ni
Kagamine Rin Append, Kagamine Len Append
19. Fragments
Kagamine Len Append
20. 白く濁った夢とモノクロノイズ
Shiroku Nigotta Yume to Monokuronoizu / Cloudy, Noisy, Monochrome Dreams
Kagamine Rin Append
21. texture
Kagamine Rin Append
22. cry-cry
Kagamine Rin Append
23. DRUG RACK SHOWCASE - Drug lack Ver.-
Kagamine Rin Append
24. 色彩モノクローム
Shikisai Monokurōmu / Monochrome Hue
Kagamine Rin

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