SV01 SeeU's Compilation Album is the first full length album featuring only SeeU by SBS Artech and Big Hit Entertainment. Two versions of this album were released, one in Korean and the other in Japanese.  A Chinese version of the album was produced and features Luo Tianyi's vocals, called Mèng de Qī Cìfāng.

The album can be ordered on CreCrew Store and Naver Music.

SeeU Japanese Album
Released October 19, 2012 (Korea); October 29, 2012 (Japan)
Producer Various
Price ₩15,700 (Korea)
¥1,000 (Japan)
Illust. KKUEM
Label SBS Artech & Big Hit Entertainment
Track list
1. 아리랑
GaGain feat. SeeU
2. Burn
Dr. Yun feat. SeeU
3. Connection
seibin feat. SeeU
4. See u Tomorrow
Tan N Sonny feat. SeeU
5. Alone
Team. Hurihuri feat. SeeU
6. 매화꽃 필 적에
Maehwakkot Pil Jeoge / When Apricot Flowers Bloom
Indigo Aria & Sangnoksu feat. SeeU
7. 각개전투
Gakgaejeontu / Individual Battle
Anglers feat. SeeU