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Song title
"Sad Mondays"
Uploaded April 8, 2004
Ravi Dattatreya (Tune author)
Igor Fomchenkov (lyrics)
Alexei Ustinov (arrangement)
YouTube Broadcast (Reprint)
Jasmine Music Technology

JMT Broadcast


Sad Mondays is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Sad Mondays (full version)
Featuring Unknown
Author(s) Igor Fomchenkov, Alexei Ustinov
Category Original song


Verse 1
Come on your time is gone
You've been a way too long
Sad Mondays yet to come, my baby
Nothing will be the same
And you will see again
Sad Mondays yet to come

Verse 2
You said you'd have your day
You'd meet your love again
Warmed by the morning sun, my baby
But you forget one thing
No matter what you think
Sad Mondays may yet come

Well after all you'll live through the Sad Mondays
No matter what you'll live through the Sad Mondays
Whatever you try you will see the Sad Mondays again
And again the world will turn 'round
Whatever you try you will see the Sad Mondays
And this is a plain fact of life

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