"サクラフィクション" (Sakura Fiction) is Hayakawa-P's first single, based on the song of the same name, "Sakura Fiction". It was licensed by Karen-T, which includes a remastered track of the original song of Sakura Fiction. The remastered track features a duet version sung by Len and Rin. This single was also a part of Karen-T's release compilation "Haru no Uta" (Spring Song) 2010.

It's available for purchase on iTunes store, Amazon mp3, Listen Japan, and several more.

Sakura Fiction Cover
Released March 24th, 2010
Producer Hayakawa-P
Price ¥150
Illust. Fukurou
Label Karen-T
Track list
1. サクラフィクション
Sakura Fiction
Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Hayakawa-P first Album
Sayonara, Fiction.