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Salty Resonance ft Clara
Song title
"Salty Resonance"
Uploaded by September 15, 2014(YT), with 650+(YT) views

Uploaded to Nico, Piapro, Vimeo, and SoundCloud October 27, 2014 with 90+(NN) 5+(SC) views

faerimagic (music, lyrics, art)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast ( upload)
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"Salty Resonance" was an entry for the Bruno & Clara Original Song Contest hosted by It was judged as note-worthy.

The genre is Fantasy. The Spanish translation is by paulax77.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Short demo ver.
Featuring Clara
Author(s) faerimagic
Category Preceding demo


English Spanish (Subtitled)
Raya seses. (Distant voices.) Voces lejanas.
Iroha asasa. (Painful tears.) Lagrimas dolorosas.

Silver breaths flit on the glass. Alientos de plata se depositaban en el cristal
Memories dance from the past. Memorias del pasado bailando
A silent song echoes on my lips, my lips. Una canción silenciosa hacia eco en mis labios, mis labios.

Affection that was not returned. Afección que no ha vuelto
Photographs I had to burn. Fotografías que tuve que quemar
It went away with just a cold kiss, a kiss. Se esfumo con solo un beso frío, un beso frío.

Why does everything have to decay? Porque todo tiene que decaer?

Closing my eyes, I ignore the sound of Cerrando los ojos, ignoro el sonido de
Thunder and screams that just keeps on pounding Los truenos y gritos que siguen retumbando
In my heart inside. My heart inside. Dentro de mi corazón, de mi corazón
I try to remind myself that I'm alive. Intento recordarme que sigo viva.

Where am I going, what am I to be A donde voy, en que me convertiré?
If this sad existence all that's left for me? Es esta triste existencia, lo que queda para mi?
Don't want to die, don't want to die. No quiero morir, no quiero morir
I try to hold on and keep myself alive. Intento aguantar, y mantenerme viva.

Pretending that it all was fine, Fingiendo que todo estaba bien,
I realized then that it was time Ahora veo que es tiempo
To find the one who'd let me be De encontrar al que me dejara ser
The one who will eventually Al que eventualmente

Free me. Me liberara.

Raising my fingers and digging through the glass, Levantando los dedos, penetrando en el cristal
I ran away and then burnt my past. Huyo, y luego quemo mi pasado.
I moved on. I moved on. Pasé pagina, pasé pagina
This place isn't for me; I just don't belong. Este lugar no es para mi, no pertenezco.

Washing away this dirty mark on me, Limpiandome, de esta sucia mascara
It's time to finally find my destiny. Es tiempo de finalmente encontrar mi destino
I won't look back. I won't look back. No mirare atrás, No mirare atrás,
Everything behind me's turning cold and black. Todo detrás de mi, de vuelve frío y negro.

Feeling the rain kiss upon my cheeks, Sintiendo la lluvia besar mis mejillas
I realize now that I'm finally free. Me doy cuenta de que al fin soy libre,
The tears run down, the tears run down. Las lagrimas corren, Las lagrimas corren,
I cannot ever again see you now. Nunca jamas te volveré a ver ahora.

Holding this warmth inside myself, Sintiendo este calor dentro de mi
I wonder if you've found peace as well. Me pregunto si has hallado paz tu también
I whisper goodbye, I whisper goodbye. Te susurro adiós, Te susurro adiós
I've played my part, and now it's time for me Hice mi parte, ahora es mi tiempo
To fly. De volar.

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