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  • "samsara"
Uploaded September 1, 2008 (NND) and October 13, 2008 (YT), with 15,400+ Niconico views and 40,700+ YouTube views


"Samsara" is an original song composed by CALFO with MIRIAM and one of most notable songs.

CALFO has also made a SONiKA and Luka version of this song, however Luka's version was deleted.

Succeeding versionsEdit

SONiKA's cover
Featuring SONiKA
Author(s) CALFO
Category Self-cover


When they crossed, it is integrated.
When they crossed, it is mixed hard.
When they crossed, it is accelerated.
And when they crossed...

It spreads out so rapidly!
One day, you meet me there.
Your melody lets my body be resonant,
And my singing voice flows into your consciousness.
It becomes the torrent before long and will surely swallow all.

When it is over, a new seed will fall.
When somebody found it, the person will sow water.
When a flower bloomed, the person watches it and will think.

And it becomes the form.
And when you made the thought a song...

It is a song that I have heard once.
Your melody shakes my body again.
My singing voice begins to sound all over the world!
...moreover, it is good if my voice reach you again.

A lot of same things surely happen by another place, another time.
This world which filled wonderful things is endless.

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