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The third track from my album, and my craziest one yet. It's a metal track inspired by a lot of religious-driven themes. A story between a vagrant and a saint. Or is it really a saint?

"Santa Maria" is an original song by coralmines featuring Hatsune Miku, GUMI, and MAIKA. This song is featured in the album, THE DARKNESS AND LIGHT LP.


Caminando por este peligroso callejon
Sin mas remedio que pedir ayuda
Cantando cada oracion que conozco
Par la persona enferma en la esquina

Yet the world is brimming with sin
All this filth is making me sick
In the name of the father and of the son
Out of ten, you can break every one

Niña, I have just the solución for you
I know it's been tough, but please help yourself
The heavens has heard all of your problems
So they brought me, to save you from your sorrow

Eres tu el angel que siempre me guia?
Sera esta la solución para todos los males?
Oh yes, you'll find the method's quite easy
Inside the package there's a gun
And oh yeah, just call me

Santa Maria
Your only saving grace
People worship my name
Yet you waver?
You should listen to me like I'm your mother

Santa Maria
Pure as babies
Skin like silk
Don't you dare touch me you filth!
I'm a cleansed being, born of faith
And your taste for disaster

No puedo creer te, pero que opcion tengo?
Mira a sus caras, con ira y envidia
Por un momento cierro mis ojos
Y creo que puedo hacer todo esto desaparecer

Far awake, all emotions I oppress
Take the chances before my conscience breaks
In the name of the father and of the son
May your suffering be all for naught

Hey, did you do exactly as I've said
Si, pero no era tan sencillo
No tuve opcion mas qué usar el paquete
Espero no haber causado muchos problemas
Well, I do hope that made you happy
Cause I'll be making sure that
You'll be coming with me
Ir contigo? A donde?
Hah! We're going down to my heaven

Santa Maria
Don't you take my name in vain
Cursing me in despair
You ingrate
You've just been charged of second degree murder
Santa Maria
Cause if it's me you resent
Who's gonna take you instead
It's too late
You're taken

I want you to know
You don't believe how you youself have fallen this low
Yet you pulled the trigger
And then you say you're faithful
In your eyes they have died by the hand of another

Maldita sea!
Ésto no puede estar sucediendo!
Perdóname señor... no fué mi intención
Fuí engañado
No sabía lo que hacía

Santa Maria
Say your prayers when you're dead
Cause with me they're useless
Would it be better if you could be your own sacrifice?
Santa Maria
Blessed be thy own name
and thine price for indulgence
Baby burn let the fire
Make your soul be devoured

Santa Maria
Santa Maria
Santa Maria
Santa Maria
Satan Maria
Satan Maria
Satan Maria
Satan Maria


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