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  • "Sarah Ann's Lullaby"
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When they dig my grave,
I hope that you
Spare me one more thought.
Recall me -
Think of this lullaby.

If I've shed no blood,
I hope that you
Kiss my cold lids shut
And tell me,
"Good night, love,"
Then I'll go.

If this tragedy
Was brought about
By my own dagger,
Recall me
And unearth my remains.

When the gem is dull,
Recall my voice
And this old song that
Holds the key -
Then unearth my remains.

Do not search my grave,
Nor the study,
But keep searching for me
And unearth my remains.

If what you seek is the hidden lock,
Use my key and I'll lead
You to my lost remains.

If you seek me out,
I will lead you
Beneath the parlor, and
We will find my remains

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