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Image of "Scenery"
Song title
  • "Scenery"
Uploaded July 4, 2011, with 1,700+ YouTube views


"Scenery" is an original SONiKA song. It was created as a demo to promote the Engloid's Taiwanese release by E-CAPSULE Co. Ltd.


The sky is blue and wide
I live under the sky
An ordinary day begins again

But I always think
Ordinary days continue
The thing being the happiest

Let's enjoy it more!
All will sometimes gather!
Let's talk about various things a lot!

Casual things every day
I value every day
Surely tomorrow waits for me

Dazzling solar light
I take a lot of light to the whole body
I close my eyes and take a deep breath

I look up at the blue sky
The scenery of the town
The refreshing wind that blows in people

The scenery which does not change
I wish that all do not change after this either

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