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  • "Secret Night"
Uploaded March 31, 2015, with 5,000+ Niconico views
  • Robo (music, lyrics, artwork, arrangement, mastering, mixing)


"Secret Night" is an original song by Robo featuring Hatsune Miku.


I will share one secret with you
Will you hear me? I don't know
It's a message for tonight
This is just for you

You know that
My heart is pumping,
the time is not enough
I can't believe it will happen tonight
Is with you that I dream
and I want to stay tonight
I will go,
I will wait,
Don't be late!

Take that train
Come again
There's a place for us to stay
We can love it's just for tonight
Will be just tonight
Life is strange, but so real
There's no time for us to be
There's no time for you and me
But now...
Let's go, let's start Secret Night!

Meet you tonight it's my night
It's my secret night
You can't be late, take that train
'Cause I'm waiting for
It's just one night, our night
It's a secret night
Please come to me, it's my voice
That is singing for you
Until the sun will rise
We will live just one life
'Cause the night is made of us!

Come to me
Come to me
We will start now
To live my secret night!

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