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For the MineK song, see Set Me Free!.
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Song title
  • "Set Me Free"
Uploaded January 8, 2016, with 96,200+ Niconico views and 170,900+ YouTube views


"Set Me Free" is an original Japanese VOCALOID song featuring Fukase. It is the second demonstration song created for the voicebank.

This song is featured in the Fukase album compilation, VOCALOID Fukase ~THE GREATEST HITS~.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
耳に刺さったNOISE 嘘だらけの世界 mimi ni sasatta NOISE uso darake no sekai
声を失くした鳥のように koe o nakushita tori no you ni
目に焼き付いたFACE 喉の奥痛む me ni yakitsuita FACE nodo no oku itamu
叫ぶことも出来ない 孤独なDANCE sakebu koto mo dekinai kodoku na DANCE

Set me free

いつから 塗りつぶした世界を願う itsu kara nuritsubushita sekai o negau

Set me free

Give me ここから Give me koko kara
Give me 脱け出す術を Give me nukedasu sube o
Set me free

Set me free

Take me どこかへ… Take me dokoka e...
Take me 思い続ける Take me omoi tsuzukeru
Set me free

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