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Series title
Romaji: Nanatsu no Daizai
English: Seven Deadly Sins
Uploaded April 6, 2008
Singer(s): Gackpo Camui, Meiko, Rin Kagamine, Hatsune Miku, Luka Megurine, KAITO, GUMI

The Seven Deadly Sins (七つの大罪 Nanatsu no Daizai) series is a series of songs made by mothy, also known as Akuno-P. The series is composed by seven songs, all of them are released.

Most of these songs were featured into the album 悪ノ王国 ~Evils Kingdom~ which was released on December 22, 2010.


The series focuses on the "Cardinal Sins", the vices used since ancient Christian times in order to instruct on the morality of humanity. While more minor sins, "venial sins", could be easily forgiven through sacraments, the cardinal sins would lead one to eternal damnation if not absolved through Penance or perfect contrition.

The theme is common in Catholic tradition. The definitions have changed throughout the years, but there is a general agreement on the current seven with their current Latin names.


Due to the events of the Original Sin series, the Seven Deadly Sins were spread around the world therefore tainting it. After their creation, the Sins have been changing their shape and owners, being eventually stored in different objects denominated the Vessel of Sins. Different persons, groups or organizations during that history tried to recollect them, each one with their own personal goal or intention.

The series focus in 7 songs, 7 moments in The Evillious Chronicles when the Seven Deadly Sins reached their climax, causing massive suffering and death.

The Deadly Sins (Latin Name)

Associated with Demon VOCALOID Character Countries Related Item Song


Lucifer Kagamine Rin

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche

Lucifenia Stone / Four Mirrors of Lucifenia "The Daughter of Evil"


Beelzebub MEIKO Banica Conchita Beelzenia Seeds / Glass of Conchita "Evil Food Eater Conchita"


Leviathan Megurine Luka Kayo Sudou Jakoku Spring / Kayo's Scissors "The Tailor of Enbizaka"


Asmodeus Camui Gackpo Sateriasis Venomania Asmodean Flower / Venom Sword "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania"


Belphegor Hatsune Miku Margarita Blankenheim Elphegort

Wind / Clockworker's Doll

"Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep"




Gallerian Marlon Levianta Soil / Marlon Spoon "Judgement of Corruption"


Satan GUMI Nemesis Sudou Levianta Forest / Golden Key

"The Muzzle of Nemesis"

Identifying the Songs

There has been confusion in the past as to what songs are the seven sins. This is simple, the songs share a group of characteristics that identify a Seven Deadly Sin song. Those are:

  • They are tagged by Mothy with their Latin names (acedia, ira, etc.)
  • They are sung by the appropriate Vocaloid (KAITO is greed, GUMI is wrath, etc.)
  • They begin with a phrase that looks like "Saa, [insert rest of phrase here]"
    • Example: "Saa, Nemurinasai..." or "Now, go to sleep..." (from Acedia)
  • Their sin is portrayed in some way
  • The official English name for that song has the name of the Demon associated to the Sin in it.

Any song that does not meet the above requirements is not a Seven Deadly Sins song. Last Revolver, while it is a good song, is not part of this series. Neither is Heartbeat Clocktower nor Miniature Garden Girl. moonlit bear is not a Seven Deadly Sin song, nor is Madame Merry-go-round.

Songs associated with the Deadly Sins

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Superbia (Vanity/Pride): The Daughter of Evil (Aku no Musume / 悪ノ娘)

Uploaded April 6, 2008 Featuring Rin Kagamine
Music mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Ichika
“Oh ho ho ho! Now, bow before me!”

The song "The Daughter of Evil" was uploaded on . This one spawned its own subseries of songs by Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Haku Yowane, Hatsune Miku, KAITO and Kaai Yuki, known as the Story of Evil.

The songs concern Lucifenia, a kingdom ruled by Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche (Rin), a princess who, on top of being tyrannical, became jealous when Kyle Marlon (KAITO), the prince she fell in love with was in love with another girl, Michaela (Miku). Fueled by this, she orders the destruction of the girl's kingdom and the green haired women in it. Her servant, Allen Avadonia (Len), who is actually her twin brother, is so loyal to his sister that he will kill in order to keep her alive. She ruins the lives of many in order to keep her own goals alive - "she" is eventually captured and executed. The official English title of the song is "The Princess of Lucifer".

Main article: 悪ノ娘 (Aku no Musume)

Main article: Story of Evil

Gula (Gluttony): Evil Food Eater Conchita (Akujiki Musume Conchita / 悪食娘コンチータ)

Uploaded March 3, 2009 Featuring Meiko, backup by Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine
Music mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Ichika
“Bow down and worship our great Conchita”

The song concerns Banica Conchita (MEIKO), a powerful warlord of Beelzenia who, at one time, ate only the most delicious and exquisite food. Now, however, her tastes have evolved so that she wants something new and grotesque every day, and nothing enters or leaves her palace. The fifteenth personal chef of the year and also lover, Carlos Marlon (KAITO) asks for a brief vacation, but she, angry and upset, decides to eat him. Running out of food to eat, she ends up eating her butler Pollo (Len) and maid Arte (Rin), and when everything has gone, she ends up eating herself - which nobody else will ever know what it tastes like. its initial phrase is 「さあ、残さず食べなさい」 ("Now, eat them out"). The official English title of the song is "Beelzebub Party".

Main article: 悪食娘コンチータ (Akujiki Musume Conchita)

Invidia (Envy): The Tailor Shop at Enbizaka (Enbizaka no Shitateya / 円尾坂の仕立屋)

Uploaded December 7, 2009 Featuring Luka Megurine
Music Mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Illustrated by Rgveta, Jiji Fuhimaru, Kurokino, Mizujun, Loft, ai, Yoiyami, Arisa, himi, Nyohonoko., Mikan-fuumi, Coral, rakug.
"But I must persevere with my work."

The song concerns Kayo Sudou (Luka), a tailor in the fictional city of Enbizaka, who is known for her skill. The only thing she thinks about most of the time is the fact her "lover" is unfaithful and does not come "home". She sees him walking with a woman in a red kimono and murders her with her tailor scissors and takes the kimono, acting as if nothing had happened and that she is concerned about the rising murder rate. She later sees him with a girl in a green sash and does the same to the girl, taking the sash - the same happens with a girl with a yellow hairpin. The tailor dresses herself in the personal items of the murdered women, in an attempt to become the ideal woman for his lover. But as it turns out, the man does not even know her; the three females were his wife and daughters, and so when he meets the tailor, he does not recognize her. Offended by this apparent lack of acknowledgment, the tailor murders him, too, and carries on with her work. Its initial phrase is 「さあ、仕立てを始めましょう」("Now, I shall tailor"). The official English title of the song is "Leviathan Slope".

Main article: 円尾坂の仕立屋 (Enbizaka no Shitateya)

Luxuria (Lust): The Lunacy of Duke Venomania (Venomania-kou no Kyouki / ヴェノマニア公の狂気)

Uploaded July 25, 2010 Featuring Gackpo Camui, backup by Luka Megurine , Miku Hatsune ,GUMI ,MEIKO and KAITO
Music mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Suzunosuke
“Let's dance in this harem”

The song is about a man, Cherubim (Gackpo), who, in his childhood, had been mocked and taunted for his deformity. In adulthood, he made a deal with the demon of lust to have the face of his handsome brother and later taking his name and title, Duke Sateriasis Venomania. As a result, women are now flocking to his mansion's basement to create a harem for him. One of these women happens to be the one who mocked his deformity, his childhood friend, Gumina Glassred (GUMI). However, a jealous man, Kachess Crim (KAITO) who had lost his love Yufina to Venomania, came to his palace, disguised as a woman, and stabbed him in the chest with a poisoned knife. The charm now broken, the women flee from his mansion, and as Venomania dies, he sees a glimpse of his childhood friend, and reveals that he had truly loved her. Its initial phrase is 「さあ、踊ろうか」 ("Now, shall we dance?"). The official English title of the song is "Dance with Asmodeus".

Main article: ヴェノマニア公の狂気 (Venomania-kou no Kyouki)

Avaritia (Greed): Judgment of Corruption (Akutoku no Jajjimento / 悪徳のジャッジメント)

Uploaded Dec.20.2010(CD) Featuring KAITO
Music mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Yuurin
"Money is the best lawyer in hell."

The song is focused on Gallerian Marlon (KAITO), a young clever judge who is willing to receive bribes to make criminals "innocent". The reasons are to get the money and the resources needed to help to his handicapped "daughter" (Miku) and to achieve his goal of collecting the Seven Deadly Sins, needed to realize his wish of restoring the condition of his "daughter". Later, he is bribed by a general who is about to be sentenced to death for mass murdering. Although it is a capital offense, the general is deemed innocent. As a result, a civil war starts which kills the general. This also leads the burning of the judge's mansion along with him and his "daughter". Killed in the fire, the judge wakes up in the Afterlife with no clue if he is in Hell or Heaven. The "Master of The Hellish Yard" (GUMI) tells him that he can be saved if he gives up his fortune, but he tells her that he will never give his fortunes to her, or anyone. He is later sent to Hell, hoping that the place will turn into "Utopia" for himself and his "daughter" after he gathers his sins. The song is directly related to "Miniature Garden Girl" and "Heartbeat Clocktower". Its initial phrase is 「さあ、開廷の時間だ」 ("Now, let the trial begin"). The official English title of the song is "Mammon's Court".

Main article: 悪徳のジャッジメント (Akutoku no Judgement)

Acedia (Sloth): Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep (Nemurase Hime Kara no Okurimono /眠らせ姫からの贈り物)

Uploaded May.23.2011 Featuring Hatsune Miku.
Music mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Ichika
"For the sake of your happiness."

This song concerns Margarita Felix (Miku), shown as the daughter of a doctor, who is made to marry Caspar Blankehiem (KAITO), a man who only seeks her fortune, he is a playboy and seemed to forgot a childhood promise saying that they will marry. But despite that, she still loves him. She learns from her friend Julia how to make a medicine which puts everybody to sleep. She then makes everyone drink her 'remedy', which in actual fact is just a poison. After putting everyone in the city to "sleep," in the end she commits suicide by drinking her own poison.

At the end of the PV, a dialogue between Elluka Clockworker and Gumilia is shown, hinting the relationship of Margarita and Julia with Père Noël. Its initial phrase is 「さあ、眠りなさい・・・」 ("Now, go to sleep..."). The official English title of the song is "Belphegor's Gift".

Main article: 眠らせ姫からの贈り物 (Nemurase Hime Kara no Okurimono)

Ira (Wrath): The Muzzle of Nemesis (Nemeshisu no Juukou / ネメシスの銃口)

Uploaded Aug.08.2014 Featuring GUMI
Music mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Ichika
"Now, repent"

The song tells the story Nemesis Sudou (GUMI), after the events of Saigo no Revolver. After fail her suicide attempt after the events of the previous song, the assassin went after her former master and confronted him, pointing her gun at him. She thinks of her mother as she recalls all the events that led to her seeking revenge against the man. Saying goodbye to "Mr. Pere Noel", she offers him the choice of dying by the fire burning the house or a gunshot. Nemesis then proposes another chance to save himself: give back his entire fortune to be spared, only for the man, Gallerian Marlon (KAITO), to snap that he wouldn't do so. Thinking back on her childhood, Nemesis notices the man comforting his doll (Miku) and declares him mad, remarking on how the man's true daughter died long ago. Bidding her father farewell, she wonders why her mother loved such a man as she prepares to shoot him. Its initial phrase is 「さあ、懺悔なさい」 ("Now, repent"). The official English title of the song is "Satan's Revenge"

The song is planned to be included along with 10 other songs in a future album planned to be release at the summer Comic Market 2014.[1]

Main article: ネメシスの銃口 (Nemesis no Juukou)


  • Deadly Sins of Evil: The Lunacy of Duke Venomania
  • Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita
  • Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook
  • Deadly Sins of Evil: Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep

After the success of The Daughter of Evil novel series, mothy announced on his blog the release of a news novel series dubbed as Deadly Sins of Evil (悪ノ大罪), which will deepen the story behind each song.

1.Deadly Sins of Evil: The Lunacy of Duke Venomania

2.Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita

3.Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook

4.Deadly Sins of Evil: Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep

Related songs

Heartbeat Clocktower (ハートビート・クロックタワー)

Uploaded April 25, 2010 Featuring Kaito
Music Mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Suzunosuke
"A lonely man on the verge of death opened a small theater deep in the forest"

"Heartbeat Clocktower" was not the first of these songs to be released, long after many of the songs had been released. However, it serves as an overarching theme for all of the songs, as well as establishing a background. It is the fourth song in the "Clockwork Lullaby" series.

The song concerns a mysterious Theater, which features a big clocktower and its actual guardian, GEAR. The dead owner and former guardian of the clocktower, the "Collector" (KAITO/Gallerian Marlon), created a "Theater" for his "Collectibles" (The Vessels of Sin) - they forever enact their story, while helpless visitors end up prey to the "Master of the Graveyard" (MEIKO/Vessel of Gluttony). GEAR's main concern is to keep a young girl "with ugly burns on her body" (Miku/Vessel of Sloth) alive through the clocktower, and if it stops, she will die. He also describes other inhabitants of the clocktower, including a "pretentious" servant girl (Rin/Waiter, Vessel of Vanity) who "indulges in selfishness", but expresses sadness for the loss of her "other half" (Len/Irregular). He also mentions "blood-stained scissors" (Kayo's Scissors) and "a purple sword" (Venom Sword), neither of whom have "awakened" yet. GEAR, realizing that the clock was going to stop soon, sacrificed himself to keep it running by taking out his own heart and using it to power the clocktower. The official English title of the song is "Clockwork Lullaby 4".

Main article and detailed information: Clockwork Lullaby

Chrono Story (クロノ・ストーリー)

Uploaded May.9.2011 Featuring Kagamine Rin/Len and Megurine Luka
Music Mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Rgveta
"Time is limitless anyway"

A direct sequel to the songs Moonlit Bear and Okizari Tsukiyoshou, this song could be considered as a prequel for the Seven Deadly Sins.

After killing their foster mother by pushing her into the oven, the twins, Hansel & Gretel, see how her Original Sin is split in seven parts, each one becoming one of the Seven Deadly Sins, represented by an object. The Lust becomes The Flower (a rose), the Gluttony becomes The Seed (a pomegranate), the Pride becomes a Stone (a jewel), the Envy becomes The Spring (represented as a jar), the Sloth becomes The Wind (represented along the clockwork doll from Hakoniwa no Shoujo), the Greed becomes The Soil (represented inside of a sand clock) and finally the Wrath becomes the Forest itself (represented as the moon illuminating the woods). Then, the Seven Deadly Sins rise in the sky and are spread throughout the world. As this happens, the twins ask that someone clean the filth created by their "Mother".

Seeing the current situation, the Held Tree, the forest's guardian, asks an old friend, an immortal witch named Elluka Clockworker, to retrieve the Seven Deadly Sins. The witch has some sort of tragic story, which gave her eternal life and caused the death of her loved one. With nothing to lose, the witch begins this quest. The song ends with no further explication, just showing the mansion seen in "The Madness of Duke Venomania" at the end of the PV, and a faint "Lu Li La" sung by the Kagamines along the final piano melody at the end of the song. The official English title of the song is "Clockwork Lullaby 5".

Main article and detailed information: Original Sin series

Lu li la, Lu li la, the Resounding Song

Uploaded December 22nd, 2010 Featuring Kagamine Rin and Len Append
Music Mothy
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
Video Aku no Oukoku 〜Evils Kingdom〜 (悪ノ王国〜Evils Kingdom〜)
This song vaguely speaks of the items that each sin has, and how those ones changed from their form shown in Chrono Story to the one depicted in the the cover art of Evils Kingdom's Album. It also gives the general order in which things happen. At the end it says "They all return to the forest, with an uncontainable amount of anger," possibly referring to Wrath.


  • About the settings in which the songs take place:
    • The songs take place in the Bolganio continent's several countries, each with a name being derived from the Demons name associated to the Deadly Sins representing an existing country in our world:
      • Asmodean - Saudi Arabia
      • Beelzenia - Roman Empire
      • Lucifenia - France
      • Elphegort - Germany
      • Levianta - Russia
      • Marlon - Great Britain
      • Snakeland - Japan
      • Union State of Evillious - United States
    • Also, various characters in the series are inspired by important historic figures:
      • Riliane - Marie Antoinette
      • Conchita - Tarrare
      • Kayo - Kuchisake-onna
      • Venomania - the Incubus
      • Margarita - Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d'Aubray
  • About the Vessel of the Sins:
    • Each item seems to have a symbolic relationship with the sin they represent:
      • Superbia/Pride: The mirror is associated with narcissism which is a form of pride.
      • Gula/Gluttony: The cup or glass is generally related with luxurious feasts and abundant banquets.
      • Invidia/Envy: In the song, when they are separated the scythes of a scissor represent infidelity and jealousy that is caused by the other partner.
      • Luxuria/Lust: In many cultures the sword is symbolically related with virility or has a phallic connotation.
      • Avaritia/Greed: The spoon (particularly the Silver spoon) is related with wealth. Generally wealthy people are considered to be greedy and avaricious.
      • Acedia/Sloth: The Clockwork doll is incapable of movement or doing anything by itself unless you wind it up.
      • Ira/Wrath: The Key can shape shift into a knife, symbolizing a quick changing temper.
  • About the song Repulsive Food Eater Conchita:
    • Conchita's name comes from the word "Caniba" (Latin word for "Cannibal").
    • In the novel Clôture of Yellow there is a reference to Banica throughout a liquor, being portrayed as a vampire girl, although her name is written "Vanika".
  • About the song The Tailor Shop at Enbizaka:
    • The songs sequel; "Skull at Onigashima" reveals the tailors execution, at the hands of a young boy.
  • About the song The Madness of Duke Venomania:
    • This song has been confirmed to come directly after Chrono Story in mothy's chronology and the Venomania mansion is shown at the end of the Chrono Story PV.
    • In the PV, during the musical intermissions, appear some missing people posters with parody names of the female VOCALOIDs, along their age and current occupation. These ones are:
      • Lukana Octo, Age 20, Tailor. (Luka)
      • Mikulia Greonio, Age 18, Peasant. (Miku)
      • Lolan Eve, Age 32, Dancer. (LOLA)
      • Mirigigan Adi, Age 28 , Fortune teller. (Miriam)
      • Hakua Netsuma, Age 22, Unemployed. (Haku)
      • Sonika Sonic, Age 19, Aristocrat. (Sonika)
      • Priema Soap, Age 30 , Domestic servant. (Prima)
      • Lilien Tarner, Age 24 , Baker. (Lily)
      • Teto Cetera, Age 31, Soldier. (Teto)
      • Gumina Glassred, Age 21 , Aristocrat. (GUMI)
      • Maylis Beelzenia, Age 22, 3rd Princess of the Bezenia's Empire. (MEIKO)
      • Mikina Olpria, Age 19, Widow. (Miki)
      • Ann Lee Sweets, Age 62, Florist. (Sweet Ann)
      • Neru Neru Nerune, Age 19, Spy. (Neru)
      • Rindo Blume, Age (censored), Nun. (Rin)
      • Yuki Kaina, Age (censored, single-digit), Unemployed. (Kaai Yuki)
      • Josephine Francois, Age (censored), Ocupation (censored).
        • Interestingly, the name of Riliane's horse is Josephine.
      • Yufina Marlon, Age 26, Queen of Marlon. (Yufu Sekka)
    • Venomania's name ("Sateriasis") comes from the word "Satyriasis" (abnormally intense sexual desire in men).
    • Some of the descendants of the previous women became relevant characters in The Evillious Chronicles. Some of them are:
      • Gammon Octo (Cursed descendant of Lukana Octo and Sateriasis Venomania)
      • Clarith (Descendant of Hakua Netsuma)
      • Banica Conchita and Germaine Avadonia (Descendants of Maylis Beelzenia)
  • About the song Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep:
    • At the beginning of the PV the English definition for "GIFT" is shown. Just before revealing the homicidal rampage caused by Margarita, the PV reveals that "GIFT" in German translates to "POISON".
    • In the PV it gives several cut-off quotes telling the story in more detail. It mentions the Freesis foundation. The quotes are as follows:
      • Marquis Blankenheim, passed away.
      • Doctor Felix, in critical condition.
      • 24 dead in the hospital, cause unknown.
      • Toragay is plunged into panic by the mysterious sickness.
      • Behind the scene is the criminal organization Pere Noel [unknown cut-off word]?
      • Will the Elphegort government entrust the investigation to the Freesis house?
      • The traffic between the capital Aceid and Toragay is now cut off.
      • The Freesis Foundation and its investigation team head out for Toragay.
      • Toragay is already in a state of ruins.
  • About the song Judgment of Corruption:
    • Apparently Gallerian Marlon himself lives in Levianta
    • Gallerian Marlon is the descendant of Kyle Marlon (from Daughter of Evil).
    • The newly released PV divides the song in Chapters, each one with their respective title. The names of those ones are:
      1. The Corrupt Judge and His Sullied Court.
      2. The Girl of the Miniature Garden and The Vessel of the Sin.
      3. The Beginning of a Civil War and the End of His Judgment.
      4. Master of the Hellish Yard and the Final Judgment.
    • Also, the number of the fourth chapter is written with the kanji for "death" instead of "four" (both have the same reading in Japanese, and number 4 is often associated with death).
    • The PV for this song also implies that GUMI is the "Master of the Hellish Yard". This may be a reference to the fact that Satan is the Patron Demon of the sin of Wrath, which is set to be represented by GUMI. Satan is generally portrayed as the ruler of Hell (i.e "Master of the Hellish Yard").
    • In the PV, where Gallerian is 'falling into the bottom of hell' through a blue tunnel, you can see 5 colored circles in the tunnel wall. The colors are in this order: purple, red, yellow, teal, and pink. It represents the order of the other 5 deadly sins in the series, with Lust (purple) occurring first and Envy (pink) occurring last.
    • Gallerian's name comes from the word "Galleria" (Italian word for "Gallery").
  • In Chrono Story, the fragments of the Seven Deadly Sins are represented by the colors of the VOCALOIDs who portray them (purple for Lust, red for Gluttony, yellow for Pride, etc.) but curiously Wrath is represented with the color white. However, in the newly released PV for Judgement of Corruption they change this and Wrath is represented with GUMI's green color.
    • The reason why Wrath is represented as white is due to Clarith (Haku) was fated to be the Sinner of Wrath. However because this was prevented at the end of Daughter of White, the event was postponed and the fated one passed to GUMI's character.


  1. Akuno-P Twitter - June 9, 2014

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