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  • "Shadows in the Dark"
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  • Weslei Santos


"Shadows in the Dark" is a metal ballad that was written in 2011.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Featuring Prima
Author(s) Darkwes
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Long ago,
Together a promise we made
To keep this secret
Between us

Long ago,
You told me to wait your return
And keep this feeling
Between us

Untouched, unchanged, still alive...
Believing that one day we will be together once more...

Long ago,
We forgot the promise we made
Leaving that secret
Buried alive

Long ago,
You told me you will never return
Leaving that feeling
Buried alive

You lied, broke my heart, made me cry
Leaving me alone trying to follow only your shadow...

In the dark...
I forgot the shine of your eyes
In the dark...
My heart have been torn apart
In the dark...
I tried to follow your steps
In the dark...
But you made me fall apart
Leaving me left behind

Now, to you I am merely another shadow in the dark...

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