ShinRa is a half Japanese half Chinese composer from MALAYSIA who collaborates with Filipino producer MJQ. ShinRa skills are with lyrical and harmony. Both producers primary works are in Japanese, making use of the Crypton VOCALOIDs, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin and Len, and Internet Co. VOCALOID GUMI. The pair met 16 October 2011, ShinRa approached MJQ by suggesting to do a collaborative works. Their first song, "Starstruck", which ranked No.20-25 in NicoNicoDouga Vocaloid Ranking Chart. From then onwards, they continued making new songs every 1-2 months and is still in the running till now.
STATUS:October 16, 2011 → Assumed active
ShinRa icon
GENRE:RnB, Pop, Ballad, Instrumental,
OFFICIAL:YouTube Channel
URL(s)Facebook fan page
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Starstruck" (Rin, Len) (Oct.19.2011)
  2. "Starstruck (Light version)" (Rin, Len) (Oct.22.2011)
  3. "Watashi no GOOD-BYE" (Miku) (Dec 2, 2011)
  4. "Christmas Time Together" (Miku, Luka, Rin, Len) (collab w/ MJQ) (Dec.09.2011)
  5. "Loli Ice Cream" (Rin) (Nov.25.2011)
  6. "LIFE x REPEAT" (Miku) (Jan.14.2012)
  7. "Sweet Sweet Girl" (Rin) (Jan.21.2012)
  8. "あの空を見れば解ること" (Miku) (Jan.29.2012)
  9. "Hate and Begone" (Luka) (Feb.20.2012)
  10. "ザプリンスオブナイト" (Luka) (Apr.24.2012)
  11. "Love Maze" (Miku) (May.27.2012)
  12. "Issou Chigiri" (Len, Luka) (Jun.30.2012)
  13. "Issou Chigiri" (Luka, Miku) (Jul.05.2012)
  14. "Oyasumi Melody" (Miku) (Jul.16.2012)
  15. "Wrong Love" (Miku) (Aug.21.2012)
  16. "Christmas Time Together Version 2" (Miku, Luka, Rin, Len) (collab w/ MJQ) (Dec.14.2012)
  17. "Watashi no Goodbye English Version" (Miku) (collab w/ MJQ) (Jan.13.2013)
  18. "駆け落ちサイクル" (Miku) (Jul.08.2013)
  19. "MJQ/ShinRa New Song Teaser/Preview" (Nov.23.2013)
  20. "桜歌奏" (Miku) (Nov.26.2013)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

一双契り (Issou Chigiri)

Uploaded 2012.06.30 Featuring Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len
Music MJQ (music, mix) Main article 一双契り (Issou Chigiri)
Lyrics ShinRa
Video MJQ, Kaeru (illust)

桜歌奏 (Sakura Uta Kanade)

Uploaded 2013.11.26 Featuring Hatsune Miku V2
Music MJQ Main article 桜歌奏 (Sakura Uta Kanade)
Lyrics ShinRa
Video Aken (illust)

Dream Guy

Uploaded 2014.04.30 Featuring MEIKO V3
Music MJQ (music, tuning), ShinRa (vocal direction) Main article Dream Guy
Lyrics ShinRa
Video Aken, CMF (illust), umbrellaguns (video)


Uploaded 2015.07.02 Featuring Megurine Luka V4X
Music MJQ (music, mix, mastering, tuning), ShinRa (vocal direction) Main article Ricochet
Lyrics ShinRa
Video Aken (illust), Yen Mi (video)


With MJQEdit

Dream guy single
Title Dream Guy
Ricochet single
Producer MJQ x ShinRa MJQ x ShinRa
Release Date May 1, 2014 July 2, 2015

Compilation AlbumsEdit

  • Original album name -Released: Release date
    (Song(s) featured: Original name of the song featured)


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