Shius is a producer who currently lives in Canada and entered the Vocaloid scene by translating momocashew's songs into Japanese, his first language.

His first and favorite Vocaloid is Oliver, but he has also used Nekomura Iroha, Big Al, Flower, Kaai Yuki, as well as an Alter/Ego voicebank named Bones.

He is currently a part of Project OverDoze.

STATUS:August 2015 → Active
ASSOCIATIONS:Steampianist, Tsus, st★rapture, .nova
URL(s)Channel: YouTube, NicoNico, SoundCloud, Bandcamp

Social Media: Google+, Twitter

PLAYLIST(s):NicoNico Playlist
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "-Breathing-" (Oliver) (Aug.15.2015)
  2. "Memories" (V4 Flower) (Jan.17.2016)
  3. "5 Shades of Depression" (Oliver) (Mar.18.2016)
  4. "Downbeat Anthem" (Oliver, ANGST) (Aug.10.2016)
  5. "SUPER HERO" (Kaai Yuki) (Aug.16.2016)
  6. "The Legend of Hitomi Fujiko -Are you Lost?-" (Oliver) (Aug.19.2016)
  7. "Bad End Life" (Big AL) (Sep.15.2016)
  8. "The Abandoned Rat Learns to Love Again" (Nekomura Iroha) (Oct.8.2016)
  9. "Of Dead Rats and Homicide" (BONES) (Dec.2.2016)

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