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Shokkidana no Hito (食器棚の人) was an amateur pianist and producer. As a creator, she produced ballads featuring Kagamine Rin and Len. She would also upload videos in which she would play piano. In September 2009, she stopped creating new works and in January 2010, she completely retired from all activity on the internet. She has since deleted all of her work from niconico.
STATUS:March 2009 → Retired
Shokkidana no Hito
PLAYLIST(s):Youtube Playlist
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Okujou, Aozora, Gogo 3-ji" (Len) (Mar.07.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  2. "not blue." (Len) (Mar.17.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  3. "Hajimari" (Rin, Len) (Apr.25.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  4. "Jidou-door ga Hirakimasun (Full Ver.)" (Rin) (May.09.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  5. "Frisbee" (Len) (Jun.04.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  6. "PLUIE" (Rin) (Jun.11.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  7. "clockwork" (Len) (Aug.20.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  8. "Shizuku" (Len) (Sep.21.2009) (Deleted from NND)
  9. "MoyaMoya ga Haremasun" (Rin, Len) (Dec.30.2009) (Deleted from NND)

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