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  • "Shooting Love"
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"Shooting Love" is an original English song featuring Megurine Luka. In it, she serenades her lover that she compares to a shooting star.

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Where you came from the stars
A man from the star
What is it you want?
I wanna know my star sign
I don't mind
If you see milky way
And I saw the galaxy
But feels like Dublin
There's something growing inside
You make me glow
You give me strength
Bright as the sky
Sunday walking by myself

You are my shining star
I believe in universe
I'm sure it's you
If I met you
We'll kiss the moon
Hug pillow and ride a spaceship
I'm scared to sleep
But I still got my cello
Fascination dream of you
Built palaces in Scotland
Statues in Ireland
Built in Saint Basil's Cathedral
A dome on the moon
Come over here
Ta gra agam duit

I'm attracted to you like the star
Try to hold you
With my arms around your heart
A shooting love, shooting love
Out into space
Learn to love me
I'm aware that this love is for me
My heart is heavy
Don't try to wake me in the morning
Deep in the cell of my heart
Wake me up
Nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein

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