Ofclboxart zrog Miriam
Song title
"Short Romance"
Uploaded October 12, 2004 on JMT
MIRIAM (main vocal)
LEON (end vocal)
Alexander Chupakhin (music and Russian lyrics)
Alexei Ustinov (arrangement)
Alex Yakovlev (English lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast (Reprint)
Jasmine Music Technology

JMT Broadcast


Short Romance is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology.


Verse 1
You wake up early with the sun
That's when our short romance begun
I saw you walking in the tide
You smiled at me and I replied

Refrain 1
Leon, you are always on my mind
Leon, when I saw you I went blind

Verse 2
You gave me secret burning kiss
That magic moment I still miss
The sea was singing lovely tune
To you, to me and to the moon

Refrain 2
Leon, you are always on my mind
Leon, why is fortune so unkind?

Verse 3
But happiness is always short
What's home for you was my resort
You're cherished by the sun, I know
And I am in the Land of snow

Refrain 3
Leon, you are always on my mind
Leon, now I'm lonely, left behind

Oh baby! You took it so close to your heart.
I thought it was just a game...
But I will always remember you...

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