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"小生劇場" (Shousei Gekijou) is Neru's first album. It contains 7 tracks, sung mainly by Kagamine Rin, but also Kagamine Len and IA. It was first released at THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 20.

A crossfade of the album can be heard on Nico Nico Douga.
The album is purchasable on Toranoana.

Neru - shousei gekijou album illust
Released April 28, 2012
Producer Neru
Price ¥1,000
Illust. Ryuuse
Track list
1. 東京テディベア
Tokyo Teddy Bear
Kagamine Rin
2. 少年少女カメレオンシンプトム
Shounen Shoujo Chameleon Symptom / Boy, Girl Chameleon Symptom
Kagamine Rin
3. アブストラクト・ナンセンス
Abstract Nonsense
Kagamine Rin
4. 小生劇場
Shousei Gekijou
Kagamine Rin
5. オーヴァースレプト
6. 21世紀イグゼンプリファイ
21 Seiki Exemplify
Kagamine Rin
7. ガラクタ・パレード
Garakuta Parade / Garbage Parade
Kagamine Len
Tokyo Teddy Bear Singles
Tokyo Teddy Bear
Neru exit tunes album
Sekai Seifuku

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