Shuāngxiàng·Lúnhuí yǔ Xìngfú (双向·轮回与幸福) (Bidirectional·Reincarnation and Happiness) is a collaborative album between JUSF and Sya. It contains the 8 remastered songs of the Bidirectional Series and a brand new 9th song, 双向遗忘 (Shuāngxiàng Yíwàng). The album features Luo Tianyi, YANHE, and Yuezheng Ling.

A crossfade of the album can be seen on bilibili.

It was available for purchase through taobao for two different prices. For 50 RMB, customers would receive the album and a keyring charm of one of the characters. For 80 RMB (70 RMB if purchased between August 27th - September 10th), customers would receive the album, bookmarks, and all four keyring charms of Ling, YANHE, two Tianyi's (representing her split personalities). The album is no longer available.

Bidirectional album
Released August 27th, 2015
Producer JUSF and Sya
Price ¥50.00 - ¥80.00 (RMB)
Illust. JUSF and Sya
Label Independent
Track list
1. 双向思念
Shuāngxiàng Sīniàn / Bidirectional Longing
Luo Tianyi and YANHE
2. 双向跨越
Shuāngxiàng Kuàyuè / Bidirectional Cross
Luo Tianyi and YANHE
3. 单向宣战
Dānxiàng Xuānzhàn / One-Way Declaration of War
Yuezheng Ling
4. 双向幸福
Shuāngxiàng Xìngfú / Bidirectional Happiness
Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling
5. 双向监禁
Shuāngxiàng Jiānjìn / Bidirectional Imprison
Luo Tianyi, YANHE, and Yuezheng Ling
6. 逆向守护
Nìxiàng Shǒuhù / Reverse Guard
Luo Tianyi
7. 正向欺骗
Zhèng Xiàng Qīpiàn / In Front of Deception
Yuezheng Ling
8. 单向苏醒
Dānxiàng Sūxǐng / Bidirectional Awake
Luo Tianyi and YANHE
9. 双向遗忘
Shuāngxiàng Yíwàng / Bidirectional Oblivion
Luo Tianyi, YANHE, and Yuezheng Ling