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So I wrote this song based of the games: Slender Man, Slender, Slender Elementary, and Slender Mod. (Just so no one get's confused at the references). The sounds are directly from the game and I used the drum that begins pounding after the first page is collected, as a beat. I wanted to try something a little different, so it's sort of like an acapella.
— VocaApple


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Finding yourself all alone with lack of memory.
You are drawn to an empty house nearby, suspiciously.

Collect the clues, he's watching you, Following is the key.
Embrace your gun, this game is done, Finally you are free.

Walk around the woods at night to see what you can find.
A symphony of pages- don't look back he's right behind..

The more you know, the deeper in, the faster goes the chase.
And in the end you succumb to the man who has no face.

Slender Man, Let's play again.
The game that never ends.
Slender Man, Let's play again.
The game that seeks revenge.

Walking down the halls, darkness envelops like a sea.
All the kids nowhere to be found in this elementary.

You grab the bears, so do you dare. Regardless danger lurks.
Behind the blankness of his face, lies a devious smirk.

Wake up consumed by a familiar ambiance.
8 pages scattered 'round as if it were a second chance.

Follow the lights, flee to the tree, but never turn around.
Cause in a second you will hear that oh so Slender sound!

Do you want to play again? (x4)

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