"Snow Quartz " is Seiko-P's fourth mini album and contains 5 tracks, two featuring vocals from Megurine Luka and VY1, while the other 3 contain vocals from Mami Momoki. The album was released for the event Comiket 79.

The album is purchasable in D-STAGE, iTunes store, and melon books.

Seiko-P 4th Album
Released December 31st 2010
Producer Seiko-P
Price 500 yen
Illust. ratix
Label KarenT
Track list
1. Snow Quartz
Megurine Luka
2. 風の嗣子
Kaze no shishi
3. 月翅
Tsuki Hane
Mami Momoki
4. 風の嗣子
Kaze no shishi
Mami Momoki
5. 玻璃の海
Hari no Umi
Mami Momoki
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