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Snowdrop Melody ft Avanna
Song title
"Snowdrop Melody"
Uploaded Aug 7, 2013, with 1,150+ views
Emil Peder Bak (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast
SoundCloud Broadcast


"Snowdrop Melody" is the fourth song on the 'As the Flowers Sway Gently' album.

The song is heavily inspired by the MLP:FiM fan animation Snowdrop.


Snow falls silently as she,
lets it all out, lets it all out.
She floats silently as she,
cries her eyes out, cries her eyes out.

She walks home alone as she,
lets the world drown, lets the world drown.
Snowdrop melody go on,
let your sounds fly and make her cry.

She cries out her name as snow
touches her hands, breaking her heart.
Snow soft melody cry out,
let your sounds soar and watch her cry.

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  • TinDeck Official MP3 download (320 kbps only)

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