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The following is a growing list of all Vocaloid songs on youtube.


Please be aware the list is subject to change and users may remove songs, however, unless a current linked video is no longer available, do not remove songs without stating your reasons. Names of Japanese songs may be awkwardly placed, it depends on the translation given and all the problems that come with that concept (duplicates, mistranslations, etc). If it's a cover of a original song, the title is in black and all additional songs list underneath it. Yes, there are a lot of Magnets, listing them all would be impossible so not every version may end up here. You may borrow this list for your site, however it's written for the wikia system - you will have to adapt it and please credit where you got the list.

There are many new songs on youtube every day, not every song will be listed because of it, but everyone is welcome to add to the list. This list was created to encourage the sharing of video links on the wikia. It also shows shows the extent of the Vocaloid list of songs and contains songs that are both popular and unpopular, original and covers.

Note: Please put fanmade and variants songs on their own pages.

Other considerations;

  • Demo versions of the Vocaloids are not labeled, but be aware that they may be linked to on the list.
  • Not all of the Japanese fanbase is happy that Miku had a Append in the first place and due to problems, occasionally this results in users of the Appends hiding when they used one, to avoid their videos being subject to criticism. Sometimes, the odd song labeled "Hatsune Miku" instead of "Miku append" slips through.
  • The different Append voices are not mentioned on the list. This is done to avoid problems caused when the wrong Append is labeled (Light instead of Soft for instance).
  • Youtube's sound output is inferior to Nico Nico Douga, so if you like a song, either seek out to buy it from Crypton's KarenT label or look it up on Nico Nico Douga to hear it in its true essence.

Copy Right?Edit

Dear readers, please do not upload work that is not yours onto Youtube. The producers who own VSQ files and videos will catch up to you and they WILL have your videos pulled. On top of this, videos may actually be carry copyrights as they were registered under law with the intention to bring in money for the producer; uploading THESE songs is very illegal.

This includes:

  • PVs
  • Songs
  • VSQ files
  • MP3s

Just because you want to be popular, doesn't mean you have the right to steal someone's work. Some users are able to upload videos safely, but they either have special permission or understand simple things like crediting the original producers work and how to avoid the registered songs that are copyrighted under the producer's name.

It has been noted that some Youtuber's become rather aggressive and/or rude as well when caught out and confronted on their copyright infringement - bad idea. This kind of reaction has been noted to result in the reporters to go over the uploader's head to the Youtube staff, and in some instances whole accounts have been suspended in order to resolve the problem. Therefore, if you have been caught out, a swift removal of the noted video will often be a more pleasant result and your account saved for being closed, instead of being subject to a war against you from the reporter and their supporters.

In short;

  • Its a copyright issue...
  • In other words its a crime...
  • And at the end of the day - not worth the hassle.

So... You want to do a cover song?Edit

Scroll down this page and see the songs "love is war" or "magnet". Notice that they have a heap of covers right? Are they all here? Nope! And why not?

Most covers simply do not live up the expectations of the original. Many are pitched or tuned incorrectly and no effort has been considered to adjust the VSQ file. If you are to make a cover, editing the VSQ file is unavoidable and yet the majority of Vocaloid users don't bother.

Fact; the majority of Vocaloids (including Miku) are out of tune and/or flat to begin with and need adjustments, but all have slight differences on "how" between them. What works for Miku perhaps may not work for Iroha, what works for Big Al likely doesn't work for Luka, it is pretty much the same as how not every real life singer can tune themselves for every genre of music.

Every Vocaloid, especially the english ones, has its highs and lows. Without proper adjustments to a VSQ files, the cover will likely fail to convey the same reaction as the original. That is why when you throw a song into Leon that was made for Miku, the results are often far from pleasing. Sometimes you have to completely remake the music in a style that suits that particular Vocaloid for the cover to work. Outside of the Vocaloid program, the wav files produced are also manipulated and filtered, autotuned etc. Unless you know the software used for the process or how to recreate the effect, your cover will not even sound similar even if you use the same Vocaloid as the original. The covers we do have were added simply so users can see differences between the Vocaloids. However, even then the covers may represent the true potential of the Vocaloid. Another regular reported problem seen with Covers songs is that users do not synchronize the music and voice properly, so the lyrics are several seconds out of time with the music.


If your cover song is bad, it is better to create original songs to avoid your work from being criticized against an original piece.




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