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On the Vocaloid Wiki, a song list is a continuously growing listing of songs by producers whom upload to various media sites. These songs feature VOCALOID, a synthesizing software.

The song list pages are maintained mainly by contributors of this wiki.


State of the listings as of April 2016Edit

The song list pages have been through a number of changes and will continue to change until the pages can provide an easy editing experience for contributors and a clean visual for visitors.

Recent and upcoming changes
  • All the song pages were sorted into two categories: "Category:Song lists for originals" and "Category:Song lists for covers" by the {{Nav Music directory/Songlist}} template.
  • All the song pages were renamed from "Songlist/VOCALOID name (___)" to "VOCALOID name/___ songs list".
    • Eventually "Songlist/VOCALOID name (___)" will be deleted as a redirect. If there are objections, please leave a comment.
  • The template, {{Navbar Songlists}}, has been arranged by engine generation and alphabetizes by VOCALOID name.
    • The utilization of {{vcolor}} has been added.
    • The linkage to "Songs featuring VOCALOID name" has been added.
  • May 2 - There will be multiple mergers of listings. This is being done for voicebanks that show no noticeable change when upgraded, have low usage, and have bilingual voicebanks.

  • The template, {{Song id}}, is still in use for song list pages but is gradually being replaced by version 2.0 {{SongID}}.
    • The template will have a minor update for additional parameters. These parameters will be of optional use. |title= |producer= |singer=.
    • The current policy of usage on a listing pages are: Linkage, Title, Author, and Vocalist(s). This will eventually change to Title, Producer, Singer(s), and Linkage.
  • Currently the parameters for ease of linkage are YouTube, Niconico, Bilibili, and Soundcloud. Other media sites will be added.

  • As of this year the older song list pages have the title of a song translated to English or simply Romanized. This method is considered outdated as it is not respectful to the original language of the title. It also makes a song difficult to find if a regular listener has seen a different form of it.
    • As per the new pages featuring VOCALOID, the title of a song will retain its original form but with a qualifier: example given "みくみくにしてあげる♪ (Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪)". This means translations and romanization are reserved for song article pages and redirects of those types of pages.

How to contributeEdit

To contribute to the listing of adding songs that feature commercially released voicebanks, please read the following.

1. If page for a commercially released voicebank is not preset on the wiki, head to the Song lists layout page and create one by clicking 'add a page'.

1.1 Edit {{Navbar Songlists}} and add the latest vocalist. Notice that the {{Navbar Songlists2}} is specifically reserved for Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin/Len, please do not add any other VOCALOID to this template until they've too have reached the requirement of being featured in hundreds of songs.
1.2 Edit {{Nav Music directory/Songlist}} and add the latest vocalist to their respective company.

2. All song list pages use {{SongID}}, please study how this template works. Notice that you should not add a raw link or surrounded links to a song without using this template.

2.1 The current layout is the follow: *{{SongID |Title |Producer |Singer |Link}}
2.2 Make sure the song goes in its proper section follow its title. Notice that a song titled "별 (Byeol)", will go in the ===B=== section not the ===S=== section due to translation of its title, "Star".
2.3 Make sure a song is listed by classification of being an "Original" or a "Cover".
2.4 The producer (the primary manipulator of the voicebank) should be present. Notice that while older song list pages have the producer's name missing, do not follow this- as rightful credit should be given at all times.
2.5 The VOCALOID and any other additional singers should be present.

What to do and not to doEdit

Do notice that the Vocaloid wiki encourages producers to use legal software, this supports the product and prevents barring of linking to unsavory methods of VOCALOID usage.

3. Above all, unless otherwise stated in the summary section, Do not remove original works from the song lists. Any history of VOCALOID usage is vital to its history.

3.1 If an original songs is no longer available to the public then simply make mention of this somewhere in the entry. Do not remove the entry in its entirety.
3.2 Visiting producers, be they original composers or cover artists, are allowed to add their works to song lists pages out of pure self-promotion. This is to deter creating song articles and adding to the derivative templates without being critiqued for main space visibility.
3.3 Multiple linkage to a single song is allowed.
3.3 Duplicates and reprints of songs are allowed depending on their status, especially if the original is unavailable by its original source. However, take copyrights into consideration.
3.3 Multiple covers of a song are allowed, they are listed by the title followed by use of a double asterisk.

4. Fanloids (Fanmade Vocaloid) entries are discouraged. Such a thing may become too overwhelming to handle and could confuse visitors.

4.1 The exceptions are that it is prominently clear of the voicebank used. Notice that Yowane Haku and Akita Neru, are officially recognized derivatives of Hatsune Miku and are know for using her voicebank to give them a voice.

Thank you for reading and happy editing!

See also, Help:Editing for more information on how to edit a Wikia wiki.



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