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This page presents a list of notable songs featuring VOCALOID Bruno.

The songs are sorted by upload date based on the view counts of their original broadcasts on Niconico, YouTube, bilibili, and other media hosts. Unless under special circumstances, reprint view counts are ineligible. Additionally, these songs feature Bruno alone as the singer, not with a duet partner or as part of a group. For song articles, see Songs featuring Bruno (category).


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How to search for original songs

It is common for producers to title their work with keywords such as "Original" or "Cover".

  • English - Original song : Cover song
  • Spanish - Canción original : Cover español
  • Japanese - オリジナル曲 : カバー曲
  • Chinese - 原创歌曲 : 翻唱歌曲
  • Korean - 원래노래 : 커버 곡


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