The story of Len, who watches over Rin. She was dying and Len was worried about her health condition. Unfortunately, Rin's condition worsened and nothing could've been done about it. When her time finally came, it was revealed later that Len had always wanted to tell her that he loved her; but it was too late.

"soundless voice" is the question song to Hitoshizuku-P's hit song "proof of life", first uploaded on October 19, 2008. soundless voice was quite popular with over half a million views, and a month after it was uploaded, Hitoshizuku-P uploaded an "answer song" to tell Rin's version to the story. This song is Hitoshizuku-P's "P name origin"; in the lyrics of the song, a part of it said "Hitoshizuku"

This song is featured in the EXIT TUNES Rin/Len only compilation album Vocalotwinkle and Hitoshizuku-P's first album Hitoshizukushi. It has reached the Hall of Fame.

Main article: Soundless Voice / Proof of Life / Endless Wedge

Succeeding versionsEdit

Hitoshizukushi version
Featuring Kagamine Len
Author(s) Hitoshizuku-P
Category Succeeding versions
Len Append's cover
Featuring Kagamine Len Append Power & Cold
Author(s) Hitoshizuku-P
Category Demonstration
Asami Shimoda's cover
Featuring Asami Shimoda
Author(s) Hitoshizuku-P
Category Human cover
STORIA version
Featuring Kagamine Len
Author(s) Hitoshizuku-P
Category Succeding version



Other media appearancesEdit

Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone YouTube


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