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  • "Spring Fades"
Uploaded August 9, 2017, with 290+ YouTube views
  • Perma Frost (music, tuning, mixing, illustration)


All seasons must end.
— Perma Frost

"Spring Fades" is an original GUMI song composed by Perma Frost. It is the producer's fourth song.


Looking at the moonless sky
There was no sound except my footsteps
Breathing out a tired sigh
Figuring this is a place for rest

Will I make the same mistake?
Will I cause anymore heartbreak?
Is there something I'm missing?
Thinking of you with apple trees blossoming

Stars move
Stars fade
Strolling as I think of the thing you said

Same face
Same act
Where I reluctantly skew on ahead

Fake smiles
Fake charms
Not sure wherever I go

Watching everything unfold
Keeping fear behind a strong threshold
Maybe this is for the best
Let's forget the affections expressed

After one last walk alone
Catching flowers with the skies that glow
Leaving everyone behind
Heart still heavy, but soon enough I'll be fine

It's time
It's fine
This is finally the ending of spring

Be good
Be kind
Greater than anything I could be

One step
One wish
With a final sigh I fly

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