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This is an article about the Stardust software for the VOCALOID4 engine.


Stardust was originally conceptualized as "Quadimensionko", a mascot for the Quadimension album series and group.[1]


Quadimension hinted that Quadimensionko would become a VOCALOID, however, fans were not convinced due to the fact that the information was shared on April 1, 2015.[2]

On May 28, Shanghai HENIAN announced that they had taken up Quadimension's commission to develop a VOCALOID4 voicebank for Stardust. Her recordings would take place in June and it was confirmed that she would not be a part of Vsinger, Shanghai HENIAN's main VOCALOID project. She would be the first VOCALOID for the Voice Customize Project instead. A newly refined version of her design created by November was also showcased.[3]

On May 29, after receiving worried feedback about her design from the Chinese VOCALOID community, Stardust would be receiving new clothes, but her hairstyle would not be changed.[4] On the same day, Shanghai HENIAN posted a thread concerning the many questions Chinese fans asked. The Voicebank Customize Project was described to be a series of characters that were conceptualized or pitched by outside groups and companies. These groups approach Shanghai HENIAN to try to convince them to make a voicebank for their conceptualized character and provide the funding. With this in mind, this character would not be part of the Vsinger group.

It was also explained why Yuezheng Ling was a VOCALOID3 vocal and why Stardust was a VOCALOID4. By the time Stardust was conceptualized, the VOCALOID4 engine was in a more stable position and was ready for Chinese VOCALOIDs to be produced.[5]

On July 6, a livestream on bilibili was held by ideolo, the artist of Vsinger's original cast members. A new design concept for Stardust was revealed, with the design created by November. November passed the design onto ideolo, who became the artist for her final boxart. It was noted that November had a difficult time trying to redesign her and this was the end result.[6] Her updated design was revealed on July 17 at Firefly Con.[7] On July 29, November's redesign concept was revealed to the public.[8]

On August 2, it was revealed that Stardust was in the tuning process.[9] On September 26, it was announced that she would likely be released in February 2016.[10]


On January 3, 2016, it was mentioned that Stardust's first demo was completed and that her official album was in the works.[11] It was also confirmed through Stardust's official twitter that it took six months to produce her voicebank.[12]

On February 3, Stardust was confirmed to be awaiting approval from YAMAHA.[13] Her product page was uploaded on February 7, stating that she would become available for pre-order soon and that her official demo would be released when they launch her preorders.

On February 13, a teaser was released for the 2016 Bilibili New Year Gala, however, it was confirmed that it not part of the final PV for her demo.[14][15]

Stardust became available for pre-order on February 20. Other products, such as her official album and artbook, also became available for pre-order and her demo was released on the same day. The stock packages were expected to ship from YAMAHA in Japan to Quadimension in China in Mid March, pushing back her estimated February release. According to the banners on Quadimension's Weibo accounts and taobao shop, she was expected to release in Spring 2016.[16][17] Her voice provider was also revealed to be Chalili, a popular Chinese Utaite.[18] On February 21, some information about Stardust's character were released.[19]

On February 28, in response to a fan's tweet, it was noted that Stardust would be receiving a digital download.[20]

On April 13, Quadimension began shipping Stardust's pre-order packages.[21]

Product InformationEdit



StarLaLaLa YouTube bilibili
星愿 (Xīng Yuàn) YouTube bilibili
Xīng Yuàn (星愿) album crossfade YouTube bilibili
星之伊始 (Xīngzhī Yīshǐ) YouTube bilibili
时一现耳三千岁 (Shí Yī Xiàn Ěr Sānqiān Suì) YouTube bilibili



Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Tempo: 60 ~ 170BPM  Range: A2 ~ F#4[22]
  Trial/Demo Vers?: No  Starter Available?: No
Package details
Stardust is a youthful, deep-toned female vocalist. She has a mixed accent due to her voice provider studying abroad in various countries.
Vocal traits as noted:
  • Because her voice provider did not grow up strictly in China, Stardust has unique pronunciation qualities compared to the other Mainland Chinese VOCALOIDs.
  • Producers and listeners noted that Stardust suffers from a heavy nasal tone.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • She has a tendency to pronounce "xing" as "xi-eng", like Yuezheng Ling before her.
Voicebank sample

Stardust VOCALOID4




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